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Banned member flag removed


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I have decided to remove the Banned flag from all members for now. Actually what happened was while cleaning up groups I noticed that the upgrade to 3.4.9 that I did when I first got the site back up and running removed the Banned flag. Not really what I wanted, but at this point it's way too late to change it.


So I have decided to keep the flag off and see what happens. The "fix" will require an entire days worth of work to rebuild the member database, and right now it's unnecessary.


In light of what will be some people's righteous indignation about this, please keep in mind that this is a nostalgia project first and foremost. I am not expecting to see the site relive its glory days, so from that point of view the more people the better. Beyond that, I do intend to have very strongly worded warnings in dBay essentially telling people to NOT use it. I am not going to remove dBay because free will, but it will be at your own risk.


I do not expect this to be a popular decision, but as with everything else around here, my mind is subject to change based on what people do.

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