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ISO gfg ele druid items ESCL


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FT Verified Paypal


2 druid 10 fhr 3 nado 30+ life pelt 2 os

2 druid 18+ fcr 20+ str 15+ all res

2 druid 20 fcr LIFE 2 os circ

9x 45 life ele gcs

20/20 dtorch

20/20/5-9 anni

2x 10 fcr 18+ str 15+ dex 25+ life rings : Bonus - ALL RESIST (Or at least stacked fire)

10x 20/4-5 scs

10 fcr 24 fhr 50+ life Rep life with some resist (no need poison)

30 frw 10 fhr 35+ tri resist boots (Must be light/fire/cold)

if you have anything close to my iso post WITH price :)

Thank you

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