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Don's PC Project


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Win 7 initial

haf 932 club

cable guide

blue cable bundle

fan mounts

fan filters

ram cooling

I'm becoming obsessed.

I've drilled out the rivets, sanded, primer, and painted 3 coats of Caterpillar industrial black paint that is still drying.

Used this spray gun that I got my dad for father's day. It struggled at the beginning but additional ounces of thinner brought smooth sailing.

At lease 2 more coats coming, then metallic black and royal blue detailing. Painted the new aluminum rivets metallic black. Since I found the cabling guide and the UV blue cable bundle, my black and blue theme is more fun than I thought.

If operating this thing is as fun as building it, I'm in for a treat.

I'll bring some pics.

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I de-riveted, sanded, washed, sprayed 1 can coat of primer, used this air gun to spray 6 coats of Caterpillar industrial grade jet black (2 coats a day, 3 days in a row, very thick shit, made the casing feel soft with a better noise to it), then finished it off with 3-6 coats of metallic blue and metallic black.

I don't think the black turned out as well as the blue did. I'm going to repaint the all black side panel + decal it. I also painted the rivets, screws, drive bays (taped them off) and select wires and zip ties.

I removed the front 230mm red LED fan and replaced it with the all black, no light 230mm fan that was originally on the ventilated side panel. I replaced the black fan with 4/10 of the blue LED 120mm's. I kept the top 230mm black fan and added a 120 blue next to it. I also added a 120 to the bottom next to the power supply (which has blue stock fans and blue lit live connections.)

Front power indicator light is default blue. Keyboard is programmable blue. Razer Mamba is blue. Belkin n52 keypad is blue. Linksys wireless router is blue.

The CM V8 has a little red LED inside it, it's slightly visible if your standing, looking down on the casing. The power and reset buttons are red and green. They are visible through the side panel 4x 120mm blue fans. As the fans spin, they create a blurred effect with the red and green lights, kind of cool.

Currently 12 total fans. 7 are blue LEDs.

I have this Corsair RAM fan cooling unit but no more 3 prong ports on the mobo to plug it in to... : / ?

It's rolling very well now. I ripped over 50 *real* cd's today at 320 bitrate using both drives. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to rip 2 cd's at once, I'd never tried it before. So, I gave it a try, it worked quicker than I thought it could. Ripped them all in about an hour.

I've installed Crysis, ME2, Age of Empires 2, Oblivion GotY, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and D2 is going right now.

WMP, FF, Zune, iTunes, nero, VLC, uTorrent, Game Ranger, ad-aware, AVG, malwarebytes, ventrillo. All kinds of skins, plug-ins, visual bonuses, full driver sweep, I'm sure I've opened every setting window at least twice.

Next I need to work on fantasy football (looking for owners still, if any are interested) and work on networking, moving, organizing, and deleting files.

And then I move in less than 3 weeks.

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Just playing around with an idea...

Casing and cooling:

--- Cooler Master HAF 932 @ $140 shipped.

••• Cooler Master HAF 922 @ $90 shipped.

--- Apevia Blue LED 120mm case fans - x10 @ $71 shipped.

••• TBD

--- Cooler Master V8 HS/F @ $56 shipped.

••• TBD

--- Kingwin 1000w, Blue LED Fan, Eighty Plus Bronze @ $165 shipped.

••• Cooler Master 800w, Silent Pro, Eighty Plus Gold @ $160 shipped.

--- Corsair Dominator Ram Cooling @ $20 shipped.

••• TBD

mobo & components:

--- Asus P6X58d Premium LGA 1366, triple channel ram, 3x PCI 2.0 @ 299 shipped.

.................. 6x sata 3gbs, 2x sata 6gbs

.................. 4x usb 2.0, 2x usb 3.0

.................. 8 channel audio

••• Asus P8Z68 Deluxe LGA 1155, duel channel ram, 2x PCI 3.0 @ $184 shipped (open box).

.................. 4x sata 3gbs, 4x sata 6gbs

.................. 8x usb 2.0, 2x usb 3.0

.................. 6 channel audio

--- Sapphire Toxic 5850, 2GB, PCI 2.1 @ $387 shipped.

.................. 765 mhz core clock, 1125 mhz mem clock

.................. 1440 stream processors, DX11

••• Sapphire 7870, 2GB, PCI [email protected] $350 shipped.

.................. 1000 mhz core clock, 1200 mhz mem clock

.................. 1280 stream processors, DX11, GL 4.2

--- Intel i7-930, 2.8ghz, LGA 1366, triple channel, 6mb cache @ $273 shipped.

••• Intel i5-2500K, 3.3ghz, LGA1155, duel channel, 8mb cache @ $220 shipped.

--- Artic Silver 5 Termal Compound @ $10 shipped.

••• Still have, won't need

--- Corsair Dominator 3x2gb, 7-8-7-20 @ $170 shipped.

................... 2x @ $81 shipped.

••• Corsair Vengence 2x4gb, 7-8-8-24 @ $72 shipped.

................... 2x


--- 1.5 TB WD HDD @ $95 shipped.

••• 1.5 TB WD HDD @ $110 shipped.

--- 750 GB WD HDD @ $70 shipped.

--- 79 GB Intel SSD @ $195 shipped.

••• 120 GB Intel SSD @ $160 shipped.

Drive Bays:

--- Lite-On DVD+RW/CD-ROM Drive @ $26 shipped.

••• ASUS CD/DVD-RW drive @ $26 shipped.

--- Lite-On 4x BD-ROM Drive @ $60 shipped.

••• Asus 12x BD-ROM Drive @ $63 shipped.

--- IcyDock 2.5 to 3.5 internal bracket @ $20 shipped.

••• IcyDock 2.5 to 3.5 internal bracket @ $18 shipped.

--- Koutech Internal Multi-Card Reader @ $20 shipped.

----- Hardware Total: $2077

••••• Hardware Total: $1280

....................... $1606

••• ASUS 24" Monitor 2ms 50,000,000:1 @ $200 shipped.

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