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I have been LLDing for about 5 years and I am probably the person most obsessed with perfecting my characters.

My current active duelers are:

Level 30 Fury

Level 30 Fissure

Level 30 Ghost

Level 9 TS

Level 9 Jabber

Level 9 Sac

Level 9 Kicker

Also a level 49 (MLD) poison/bow hybrid.

Come on - I'm sure some of the Postabout community would like to give LLD a try! I guarantee you wil love it if you try it.

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I'll post a guide sometime soon :o

Break...try not to make too many psychopath-d2 players angry, your items inspire greed, spite and rage. stop posting them, you make us cry.

Hi, im joz. the Ex-LLD God of Poor Duelers.

In my time, I almost killed the furry druid known as Yellow_Dog with my bone necro....and then died...

I've had:

lvl 9 Smiter

18 Zealer

30 WW

30 Conc

30 WW/Conc



Fire Sorc

29 Blizz Sorc

9 TS Sin (to poor to be good.

30 Bowzon

30 Jabber

9 PSN Jabber

30 Fire Druid

30 Bzerk (fun fun)

30 Traper

30 Kicker

And a few more I can't remember, its been so long.


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hi, i've been an active LLD/MLD since late 1.09 but i really took interest in early 1.10 and haven't looked back

primarily i only 18/49 duel

currently I have equipped

18 zealot

18 titan kicker

49 bowzon

49 crusader templar

in the past i have had or used the following:

18 fissure

18 blade fury

18 charger

30 liberator

30 bowzon

49 fissure

49 bvc

if anyone needs tips on primarily 18 or 49 duelers ill be glad to help

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Hi I am meitou, probably the oldest llder. I don't play THAT much now but if you join the LLD Rank (in the sticky) and want to duel me I'll really try to make it.

I had these chars way back in 1.09:

FingerTip 9 TS

TheFairOne 9 basher

Tiny_Monsoon 15 poison zon

BearCastle 29 mauler

The_GreatWall 29 zealer

I have these chars now:

BQBBQ 30 fb

MonsoonTide 30 bow

Yellow_Dog 30 fury

Chameleon 30 ww

Tiny_Monsoon 18 bow

Walnut 18 charge/zeal

Martiis 30 boner

CokyCutter 30 hdin

BeginningOfLife 30 light/TS

WinterOlympic 30 cold

SmileOnTheFace 30 smiter

Chief 30 ww

WW_WWW 30 ww

RhinoRage 30 charger

IPot 30 rep charger

FF_FFF 30 nado

The_GreatWall 30 zealer

Hardy 18 zealer

BuddhaOfNine 9 sacdin

General_KaKa 9 summoner

WhiteHouse 9 sacnec

StepDancer 35 kicker


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I use the account name DSotM on d2jsp/b.net/most other forums. I have been llding for 3 years or so. I am very experienced in the Sorceress. I have mainly been LLDing on West but in recent turn of events I am now LLDing on East for the most part. I have 1 character, a 30 fb on east.

account *DSotM-

Character: DSotM

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76legit Llder of mid 09. now retired/acc expired. but i still play around + i play hc lld/pk.

originator of the

vlld non pally sacrafice char

vlld kicksin

vlld sorc

Retired/Expired chars to remember

GODZ_zeal lvl 27 Pally .09

Gamechecks lvl 9 zon 1.10

TRlBUTE lvl 9 Kicksin 1.11

Will - lvl 30 Hammerdin 1.11

huge list.

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Hai i'm Fudge

I'm same deal as prog, don't play very much anymore, but have tons of experience and advice to pass around for whoever needs it. More than happy to help out with any questions or issues you have, so shoot me a pm.

I like to think that I've got some of the most unusual characters around.

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Sup, the names Ben, and i love LLDing. I dont HLD because i suck at it, and gear is too expensive. I usually make one account full of chars at a time, and when i get bored, make a new account with new builds.

My worst aspect is my blatant disregard for over leveling a few levels. Some of my favorite chars were ones build around LLD items with a mod that put it at like LVL 32 Req. The most memorable/successful/favorites i ever made are:

34 ES blizz sorc (Originally a Life build, was remade with an insight merc as ES in .10)

35 CS zon (2k damage, and i FC like a whore)

14 Zealot (with .09 Azure)

32 WW Barb (Insight Partizan, 35% DR)

34 VT Pally (500 avg Smite, 1k avg FoH)

Im actually currently working on remaking all of these chars as my final diablo 2 project before D3 comes out who knows when.

Other builds i remember off the top of my head are:

16 Summon Necro

33 WoF Sin (Back in .09 where it was viable)

33 ShockWave Druid (Same as above)

33 WC Barb (Same..)

21 TS Sin

Ive made countless 30's, 15's and 9's but none are as memorable as the odd level ones :)

Im glad to see a LLD subforum on here, and hope it grows a bit while i still play.

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I'm Popeye, Like some of these other noobs that posted ^_^

Im also one of the old school low lvl duelers,

Just started playin d2 again and once i sustain my account status/mules etc, I will be coming back full force into llding once again!

Characters I had (( back in the day ))

~ lvl 30 hammer

~ lvl 30 firesoso (( babyjesus ))

~ lvl 30 fury (( Kuddlez ))

~ lvl 9 sac necro

~ lvl 15 tank dudu (( 3k life ^_^ ))

As of right now I dont have any low lvl duelers, but watch for me with in the next month ;)

Good too see another site with llding, (( lld101 is ded it seems..))

Hai break! :batman:

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