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D2's gotta pay for BMW's and 250k houses in brooklyn new yoyk aswell... Silly ohmy.gif

Guess that works...

Granted though... 250K won't buy you much in Brooklyn, it won't buy you much in Chicago suburbs and I highly doubt Brooklyn is cheaper.

As for BMW's... models and years?

ya no joke u cant get jake shit in chicago for 250k...i doubt ull get much in brook either

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I find it funny when people post random figures without knowing anything about what they're talking about...

If you're going to claim realestate in Brooklyn, claim something impressive. 250k will get you a ranch home with 1.5 Bath if you're luck, a bedroom, maybe 2, and a kitchen/dining room plus a living room, that's all... And even then you'd be best selling the property to a developer for 300K and letting them develope it into a nice mini manshion-ish thing while you go live somewhere outside of Brooklyn...


Too much information, I know... but there is a "real world" out there...

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