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  2. Thanks Cain, I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen the email, thought it was a phishing email lol
  3. HOLY HELL! Never thought it would be back!!! Just thought about all the fun times on here from the beginning lol
  4. Where the fuck are toris pics? Lol i just went through the thread all 27 pages.
  5. This thread is very old, closing it.
  6. i am online for the next few minutes, let me know.
  7. When I get paid again I will see about dropping another big bill to you like the donation I did before, not a problem at all, and like I said no problem on the donation stars and whatnot.
  8. im bout to drop another donation, wont be a big bill but hey it all helps and btw i want my little dollar sign donation thingy back i had one forever and now its gone and i no look cool no more /e made a donation, and im just kidding about the donation sign thingy
  9. I get online daily, you can pm me and dtrades will email me telling me that I have a new personal message, I also check my junk folder for emails also, if you email my personal email in the subject put DTRADES and I will specifically open that email. I don't have alot of free time daily so we will have to work around me being able to get online unless you both are online and we can get in game pretty quick. I work on a tug boat 28days in a row, and am home 14days, I will med as much as possible.
  10. haha. I med as much as I can I get pm's all the time but I also go to college and I'm taking an extra class and I do other things so sometimes it's hard but yeah. It's hard to find someone people trust because a lot of people are shady. ~Nathan imo tell corey and meds like that to post in trading relations he says hes free everyday of the week 24/7... Yet i never seen him before i looked on this thread When you log into dtrades it says WHO meds the forums, My name is on the list for Dbay and whatnot, Pm me, I don't have to post in forums to be active, I am always online at some point in the day, wether or not I am on my boats computer or my laptop either way I get online daily and try and login on dtrades daily, i have a wife and kids at home I am gone for 28 days at a time, i skype when i can so i can see my kids and my wife. I have my stuff set when I login I am not shown as an active user so you can pm me I get emails from dtrades and also have my personal email posted in my signature, my phone receives emails when I get them....
  11. Selling/trading of accounts is not allowed, items only, thanks.
  12. I might be able to help with the windows liscensing problem if it still is a problem, *thanks microsoft for giving him a msdn account* lol! I will log in and see if i have any windows server msdn keys, they are telephone activateable only, no online activation so you would have to make a phone call and activate it that way, lmk if this will work and what os also.
  13. Tenjuna like I said, we need to build you a barebones and do it all that way, might be alot better that way. get a new amd fx 8core processor haha
  14. Cain, they lowered the price on the Phenom II x6 bundles lol, theyre like 300$ haha for a WHOLE computer with 8gb ram ssd hdd and lots of other goodies.
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