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  3. You had to have set that up to where it perfectly describes a Jews true colors and if you didn't then you really are a tragic case of hilarity.
  4. XiP

    I has ebolas.

  5. WOW YOUR A ANGRY MORON! it seems your angry at anyone who has more education than yourself. You really should seek some help for that, before you go on a killing spree at your high school.(you know the one u got kicked out of for being a complete utter moron) You ask what intellegence is - its the ability to respond to new information in a thought provoking manner , a skill btw which you do not posees (angry rage is far from actual intelligent conversation) Hand writing and typing are horrid examples of proving intellectual prowness, thanks for agreeing with me on that (but i dont think you meant to say that, based on what you say later on.{example of your lack of intellectual prowess}) Writing and Hand-writing/typing are completely differnt skills , and youll never be a good writer if you let your idea's be blocked by anything (including rage) a two minute internet search on writing a first draft , turned up this: The first draft is the first step and should have no boundaries. It should be as deep as the Pacific, long as the circumference of Jupiter, as well-seasoned as bouillabaisse. No limits — throw everything into the pot, let your pen or keyboard take you to wonderful places and don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar or even plausibility. Just put the idea onto paper before its creative flash goes out — before you forget. As for your Aurguement about how higher education only allows you to regergitate old knowledge (that is what you were trying to say isnt it?) Well Mr Bush went to University - he only learned how to roll a good dobbie - and didnt learn anything else at all (even how to regergitate) Mrs Clinton went to University - went to Wellesley College, where she was chosen by her classmates to be the first-ever student commencement speaker - if she was only going to regegitate some crappy knowledge she heard in school, she would not have been choosen (dude that chick is fuking smart!!!!) Take my uncle now for another example - he graduated with his doctorate in Enviromental engineering and now works on Alternative fuel sources with a major power company - See its what you do with that "regegitated" knowledge that determines your intelligence and ultimately decides your place in life. As to whether intelligence is passed on from person to person , i am speaking about "un-regeritated" knowledge - sort of like a rather intellegent hypothosis - Not believing this inevitable truth is sorta like saying 10 years ago we werent already in global warming. heres a quote from a recent article about that very same fact - "James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in the unravelling of DNA who now runs one of America's leading scientific research institutions, drew widespread condemnation for comments he made ahead of his arrival in Britain today for a speaking tour at venues including the Science Museum in London. The 79-year-old geneticist reopened the explosive debate about race and science in a newspaper interview in which he said Western policies towards African countries were wrongly based on an assumption that black people were as clever as their white counterparts when "testing" suggested the contrary. He claimed genes responsible for creating differences in human intelligence could be found within a decade." So leading reasearchers agree with me - good to see smart people think alike. The pros and cons of going to university have allready been discussed numerous times (and quite better i might add) and ill take your bit of "regergitated" knowledge - and take it for wat it is - an angry little rant from a kid in the trailer park flipping bugers at the local McDonalds. {man can i flame or what? , i can almost see the steam rising out of your head after reading this?} You assume that the slight use of vulgar language means Im upset, which means you assume too much and are oblivious to my place here. (Which is not important in this debate but would provide you with a little knowledge about myself when you choose to insult me.) Intelligence - –noun 1. capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. 2. manifestation of a high mental capacity: He writes with intelligence and wit. 3. the faculty of understanding. 4. knowledge of an event, circumstance, etc., received or imparted; news; information. 5. the gathering or distribution of information, esp. secret information. 6. Government. By definition you are wrong, something your highly educated self should have known. I use the words highly educated loosely when in the same breath as anything related to you. The dictionary is a tool you should know to use before you assume you know what something is, now I dont know if you see how hillarious this is but I do. You claim to be such a intellectual and a person of vast knowledge but failed to give the proper definition of the one thing you claim to have more then others. You being so smart Ill just guess you have to reread and rethink that only 5 times till you get it. Hand writting and typing are horrid examples to base intellectual prowess* not as you wrote prowness. I was not the one who linked the two, you were. Note below you said something to the effect of "Ever notice how doctors have shitty hand writting because they are not worried about such things and doctors are smart, yada yada" You linked the two, not me. I was not in line with you on that, you aligned the two to stand up for your shitty typing skills. You claimed to be so smart that you and doctors are above not caring if you type like 7 year olds. The following statement you made after the hand writing/typing was completely irrelevent so I wont fully respond to it. You keep talking about rough draft and free flowing thought process as if its relevent. You arent going to come back and rewrite what you wrote so how is it AT ALL something you considered to put in your defense? For someone who is so smart you sure do enjoy making yourself look pretty fucking stupid. Im not a Nazi on punctuation or spelling but theres a point where enough is enough. You cant pass yourself off as a well read person while typing like a 5th grader with ADD. You've done a really good job at destroying what Ive written and taking it out of context. I guess you only read it over once and not the maybe 8 times you need to fully understand what I wrote enough to compose a proper rebuttle. Do you honestly believe that because you have remembered something that someone else in a different era discovered makes you smart? No, no, no, no, no. You are just remembering what someone else had created, humans arent really getting smarter. Just because we have all this wonderful technology doesnt mean you are smart, you are just conditioned to remember key process' on how to use it. Its a tool that someone who was very fucking smart invented. I dont considered a doctor to be intelligent but more so educated unless her/she created a thought that was then turned into a truth that was never created before she did it. To invent something takes intelligence, a person repeating something they learned doesnt make them smart. That was my argument. The difference of Intelligence and Portrayl of Intelligence. I can repeat things smart people have already said thousands of times to people who have never heard them and they would think Im some sort of genius. I would just be a vessel for knowledge and not a creator. Thats the difference.Your uncle getting a good job due to him working hard in school to memorize what was in his books and try to create something doesnt make him smart, it gives him common fucking sense. Why would he get an education in Eviormental engineering and work for McDonalds? Of course the obvious answer is to get a job in the field he studied in. Your uncle has work ethic and common sense. He isnt some sort of super genius that only him and three others have the vast intellect they have, everything he knows was discovered by someone else not him. At his job he is reguirgitating the knowledge someone else created. One example that is talking about intelligence between races, nothing about herriditary. Quit while you arent neck deep in the water. Seriously how thick are you?
  6. would love to talk to a lawyer who cant properly write a paper with good spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. well anybody who knows anything about writing knows abouts drafts - and id bet that even the greatestest Lawers first drafts - are full of spelling mistakes and are barely legible, these replies that i have written are simple immediate thoughts almost like discussions and i could run them through a simple spell checker if i thought this forum was worthy - but if thats the only comment u can come up with - i have come to realize your lack of intellect. ill try to address your points one at a time 1.) dna testing can prove intellegence - because intelegence is heradatary , intelligence is in family - my parents were smart - grandparents were smart - i can trace my history back 7 generations and in every generation yuoll find university professors. coincidence? not likely. 2.) handwriting is very closely related to typing , but yes i agree with u 100%, crappy handwriting = great writers, and ill tell u why, if your focused on correct spelling and grammer - it will affect the free flow of ideas - You show me a 100% correctly spelled grammic correct first draft and i gaurentee the content of said document will suffer. 3.) Both are subjects that i have studied - so no i didnt pull them out of my ass 4.) If your boss is that focused on spelling and grammer in an item that you spent 2 minutes replying two ,neither of you are very smart and your probably in the wrong profession, and i doubt that youll ever be promoted. If its that important to you - ask the owner of this site to install a spell check program along with the rich text editor used to create this - or u can simply copy and paste what ive said in a spell checker - but go ahead and waste as much free time as you want - if you focus on the small picture , your missing out on the larger issuses. Btw - in currently looking for a good secretary/typist - but im kindapartial to short skirts , im just kinda wondering how often you shave your legs? You are fucking retarded. In any chance that you are the exact opposite of the chud spawn you portray yourself to be on this forum then you should know the following. Parents who recieve higher educations arent necessarily highly intelligent but more educated and thus value education more than those in lesser education brackets. Its not so easy to grade intelligence as you might think and exactly what is it? Your parents, grandparents nor most likely anyone you know have created any new knowledge but have just repeated what actual intelegent people have already said. Thereby making you just a parrot, your pseudo-intelligence is just really a parlor trick when it boils down to it and nothing more then regurgitated knowledge and common sense. Hand writting and typing skills are a horrid example to base an argument of intellectual prowess because of the variables and HUGE subject changes in it. I dare you to waste your time and do a independent study on it and then post your results proving you are an idiot for thinking such a thought. "Stream of bullshit", Ive always typed in such a manner and been able to maintain a coherent sentence/structure without pause or review. Now Im not denying any mishaps in spelling or puncuation but Ive never had such a childish result that you have in the state of mind you have claimed to be in. Point being is you are seriously flawed into thinking your parents can pass on something as variable as intelligence when if we were to do a study and place two identical you's in two opposite situations each person would end up entirely different. 1. You in a good school with parents who care for higher education. VS 1. You in a shitty school with parents who didnt graduate HS. Shut the fuck up now.
  7. I can honestly say a majority of you are as thick and blank as the slab of cement the NASA space shuttle lands on.
  8. Could you remove the Assassins Creed faceplate?
  9. So Ive decided that Im just going to build a regular pc in a medium sized case, get a projector and hide the pc best I can. Ive got a old laptop Im going to practice with putting it in a lamp, so that I can turn the lamp into a pc. This is the build Im going with from New Egg, let me know what you think. Comments & Criticism both appreciated either praise or negative. Case. HDD. Video card. Sound card. Power Supply. Memory. Motherboard. Processor. If you see anything that you feel should be altered let me know. Again I appreciate all C&C.
  10. Ive been having trouble finding a site dedicated to true customization and not just buying a premade tower and adding lights. If either you can help me out here Id appreciate that also, thanks for the help so far.
  11. So Im really interested in building a really tiny computer, something that I will probably end up using Laptop parts for. Im not looking to make it extremely fast or anything like that but just like a basic laptop built into something that you wouldnt expect to be a computer. Ive seen people build them in trash cans, ammo boxes, Nintendos and so forth. Thats what Im looking to achieve. So what I need is some help from you computer nerds to kinda guide me in the right direction so I can complete this task. What Im looking for. 1.Laptop parts/PC parts if small enough. 2.How to guides. 3.Ideas of what to put the computer in. Id like to thank all help big and small in advance.
  12. Alright I finally had the time to reply so enjoy. So you wouldnt consider "Homosexuality is a sin, a filthy sin that is not natural and is in the likes of Beastiality, Incest, Necrophilia and Pedophilia. " to be at all insulting? These people represent their party, meaning the people thought they had the most inline with their own views to make them the speaker of their beliefs, so you can apply the saying "The apple doesnt fall far from the tree". Im no trying to say "Der der Republicans r stoopid" just these ones are. They have some really clever guys out there but they wont bother to be put in the front to deal with all this shit. 2. Gun control and a Constitutional right are not the same thing. The only similarities they share are that they are laws and thats it. 3. The war has been unpopular for going on 2 plus years now and it still hasnt ended, the American populous has all but forgotten about Afghanistan. When was the last time you heard about any progress in Afghanistan? 3 years ago? The war wont end anytime soon. 4. What does this have to do with the initial argument? We were debating giving American veterans the proper care they need so they wont end up homeless like many Vietnam vets. You have entirely strayed from the issue and rambled upon something else but Ill still debate that. Of course the people Saddam killed didnt have a choice if they were going to die but how was that the US' problem? They created a UN for a reason and it worked amazingly well the first time we invaded Iraq to help Kuwait. Do I value the lives of living Americans more than dead Iraqi civilians? Both are human beings and I cant catch where you came to such a conclusion other than pulling it out your ass like everything else youve said. The problem here is now your trying to call me out on not giving a shit about Iraqi civilians but you are in support of a war that has killed over 500k of them. Ill quickly explain my beliefs on the issue. It really wasnt our problem. Fucked up issue but not our problem. We cant go poking our head in everyones homes and tell them how to live, its being a bad neighbor. America wants to preach Democracy in the ME but we've never done it. I lie, we allowed free elections in the ME but they always end up voting in people the Govt. doesnt want. If Americans are so worried about genocide then why havent other issues of genocide been picked up and rallied behind? We cant fight for everyone. We cant support every issue. In the process of trying to kill one man and installing an puppet Democracy we have killed more than the 180k that Saddam had. If we can take care of our own right now at hand then why not? Because it will cost 25 Billion? The US has spend 623 Billion already and tell me for a relatively small army like ours how is it we cant afford to treat our veterans properly?
  13. 1. Ill assume you meant "If I didnt want to argue the whole gay argument". Again Ill state that all you have to do is look at every single debate that has been had in the past 7 years as evidence. 2. No they are not the same. The right to own a gun strictly entails that you can own a gun. Gun control means you can have a gun but there are limitations as to what, example no fully automatic weapons in the hands of the public. Which I fully agree with, nobody needs a fully automatic weapon to protect their homes. There are plenty of suitable weapons that arent fully automatic to protect yourself with. 3. Well if this war doesnt first I can imagine that happening. 4. So you honestly think that those soldiers who didnt have a choice to where they were going during the first Gulf War dont deserve the proper medical attention they require? Would you rather them end up homeless like several Vietnam vets? You people are seriously the worst case of issue flippers Ive ever seen. You pull all this horse shit about supporting the troops but when it comes to a monetary value you cant step behind it. It doesnt matter if it was done by a dead dictator the fact is, OUR COUNTRY SENT THEM THERE, AND THEY ARE OUR COUNTRYMEN. Now I cant understand how that doesnt mean anything to you, they wouldnt have such physical and mental issues if they werent sent their in the first place. I dont give a fuck if Saddam killed 180k of his own people, if we in the process of trying to killed him killed 500k. Again your going to flip on this issue. The public was worried about how many of his own people he was killing but in terms of how many we have killed its just casualties of war and its acceptable. I have not heard of his personal religious beliefs but Id rather vote for someone who doesnt push his own religious beliefs on an entire country than someone who does. Look at Huckabee. Edit - You cannot force Democracy. Look at Iran, Lebbanon and Palestine.
  14. Ill assume you have been living under a rock or that you just are ignorant to what has been going on in the past 7 years. 1. Every single debate, discussion and public speaking has been about such issues. As they do not outright insult the G/L/B community they are making it a major issue for them to derail any social progress that is trying to be made. You can look at the past 7 years for reference, look at the recent election with Kerry/Bush and tell me what was the 3 hot issues? Gay rights, immigrants and Terrorism. Glance at the fact that not but even two years ago you had SEVERAL Republican politicians who denounced any form of Civil unions be caught with their pants down with the same sex. They were saying no with one side of their mouth and putting a dick in the other. Go ahead and try and tell me that this hasnt been the Neo-Con agenda. Twat. 2. So you must not have heard about your Constitutional right to own a protective arm. Let me explain something to you real quick. As a born American you posses the right to own a protective arm, the government cannot take this away from you (unless by some insane chance that the Executive branch decides it wants to make a Dictatorship and outlaws firearms). You confuse Gun Safety/Control with some other faded argument. The Patriot Act is the single reason why you should be in fear of losing your rights, this war on terrorism is what gestated its birth. Protecting my rights? What an absurd notion you make to say that the Government creating laws that if they choose to they can invade all my privacy granted by the US Constitution and my born rights under the same article is protecting my rights. There is a limitation to what should be done in the sake of "Security". Yes check my baggage I dont give a fuck, but should you be allowed to hear and know every single whisper I make in life? Should you be allowed to peer into every single Google inquiry I make? Should the government be allowed to hold its own citizens without given reason, cause, right to lawyer and right to under what circumstances you are held? Its all illegal under the same fucking laws these idiots love to quote in order to get your vote. You have completely askewed the argument to try and make me look like a pair of clown shoes, through exaggerating the terms in which such laws are imposed. 3. Social programs are needed in any country and you denying this is ignorance. If you want to talk wasted tax money then look no further then the military contracts being given, Bush saying we might stay in Iraq for 50 years, and the fact that the poor pay higher % on their income. Warren Buffet filed his taxes and he found it a little odd that he ended up paying 18% while his secretary paid 28%. Now Ill go further into detail about this as I know you will contort my post to try and make yourself look good. I do not believe that just because you are rich you should pay more money, thats absurd and pushes the idea that the rich should get breaks. I am not for giving the poor a free pass from paying taxes just because they are poor. A set amount should be given and enforced despite if you gross 30k or 50 million a year. Now should it be around the 25+% that I get taken from my checks? I dont know but the government does catch huge income from other buckets and not just the Income tax. Whiteboi I did not whine I pointed out inconsistencies in the weapon he used against his competition last election. I find it odd how he will say his rivals arent supporting the nations troops who did not choose the war he started but he continuously has dropped the ball when it comes to actually providing aid/support for American soldiers. I read the article how else do you think I knew about it? Would you say you support the troops for their effort to as people as you enjoy saying "Protecting our freedoms abroad and across the world"? You dont think that these people deserve a compensation for what theyve been through, time gone, bodily harm and mental trauma? Its a typical scenario you've placed yourself in. Yeah you support the troops for being there just so you look American but would you go in their place? Would you give them the provisions and monetary support they need and deserve? Oh what a different picture that turns to be. The Democratic Congress will fail to jump on an easy kill, they always do I wont debate this as I agree. I hope you feel accomplished now that all you did was end up with mud on your face for coming off as a twat and inconsistant rambler. Would you care for me to point out everything else that the current administration has fucked up or are you just going to sit down and shut the fuck up as an ignorant prick should? I will get to your response later in the week and respond to the 2nd post you've made as well.
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