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  1. 150 JSP FG if you bin Topic to me right now. PM me if interested. Thanks
  2. 50 JSP FG @ Dune PM me if interested, thanks.
  3. I still need godly names. Mass d2jsp FG FT. Please post !
  4. Post what you have, must be GODLY names. Absolutely.. =) No plurial names, thanks. Willing to offer mass d2jsp FG.
  5. I wonder if I'd be an asshole too if I had to go through life being him. It must suck. ive know the chink in real life he will always be an asshole to me, since 2003 !
  6. and who the fuck are you ? random. u bore me, go slit asap.
  7. yo i think its been 2 years or what, since EcKo and Fma, ROFL. whos still alive that knows me ?? also, ALL of the staff team has changed, wow lol
  8. you might want the acount *dTrades i taked to cain about this but i think it was in 2004 so, lol lemme know
  9. ^^^^ he wins.. i also have AoF 2,000 JSP FG for it ? If so, PM me.
  10. Iso JSP FGs for the name Alarm ? PM me yo.
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