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  1. fawkin eazy ass voygin

  2. umm ya its been 2-4 years ? lifes good, the site is awesome.
  3. anyone still play d2? lololololol wutup rush my nub ass ? <3
  4. Nice to know some things never change. Virgin.
  5. agent cuntrag doesn't ever go into the BG if i remember correctly, that said he'll probably never see this knowing that he can't handle the BG at all.
  6. and you think you're a badass with your 3 other little buttbuddies challenging other nerds online to a "4v4 duel" on a 50 year old game. Virgin.
  7. #1 card dealer USEast son, break yo fawkin neck wit 98 inch bicepts, voygin. kG-sTyLeZ!
  8. I collect voygins, shrink them down, solidify and wear them on bracelets on my ankles.
  9. bReAk ChO fAwKiN nEcK wIt 98 InCh BiCePtZ SoN! FaWk ChU nOe VoYgIn? X-mIlItArY 47 yEaRz SoN!
  10. lol, its fuckin trash "Emo spiderman"
  11. Anyone know the best Canuck cellphone provider for unlimited texting? LololololLolLolol.
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