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  2. Iso 9x45s 10 20/5s 2/19+ fcr ammy high life Gspurs 2/30/20/2 frw circlets 2perf scarab enigmas
  3. I never scammed anyone dont you have 50 s/as xmt_harvest stay small random @ makaveli7 I have not paypal scammed anyone ive bought 3/20/5 fres 45s 20/5s no problem stay out of shit thats over your head
  4. Ive never scammed on jsp or dtrades.. All false accusation with zero proof
  5. Perf bowa zon here for 150 if interested ill list gear All paw inv 3/20/5frws 3/19/20s 3/5frw/res etc shanks
  6. Xmt_harvest you have more scammer acusations than snp and etank combinded Each set is 15$
  7. I havent sold uap atleast it doesnt take me a year to pay for d2 items
  8. Justba heads up luda thats ggez known paypal chargebacker
  9. Post it its sun gfx ilvl 73 I bet the unpermed dupe gl selling retract
  10. 250$ whats history graphic and ilvl on hilords if there is none I retract
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