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  2. all my PA fg for as best offer of jsp fg.. no spams, offer away thnx!! -dm
  3. all my PA fg for JSP Fg.... no bin yet, no spamming, offer away
  4. i play east hardcore ladder, does anyone here do rushing services for this?? paying FG if anyone interested.. thanks! -DM
  5. title and desc pretty much explain it... post items and price, Thanks!
  6. Iso grush... not lvl 1-90 but act1 norm- a5 hell paying 180FG or offer thnx *EDIT*: sorry forgot to mention ESCNL
  7. yeah so b.net deleted my account.... AGAIN..... for no reason so im just using up my FG to get whatever i can to add on my ladder account and mess around with it.... mainly looking for hammerdin gear but i am ISO cold sorc gears.... again trading all my FG, just post your item and what you want for it thanks~
  8. 6 FG for highest defense UNID Stormshield ^^
  9. any idea how much FG for these? PM me ^^
  10. ISO: --120//45 ias, fhr or life helm --6x bow lifer gc's, must be 36+ life FT: Fg.. or if you have an item iso, post! easy items ^^ pm or reply thanks!!
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