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  1. Yep. Although I will admit now I lied about the Baconators. I find Wendys makes salty burgers. Burger King's gotten really good with theirs though... But I think it was more of the just doing nothing part that did it? You know? The sitting around reading stuff that doesn't matter on the internet all day thing... I can't get enough of it. EDIT - We had sex once apparently. Jul 19 2007 01:29 PM Paid me 100FG to have sex with me, proof availible Buyer: Æther Tech
  2. After a few years... I couldn't even tell that was me anymore. I won't lie - those Baconators from Wendy's are delicious. I wish I looked anything close to that... EDIT - Too many "anymores".
  3. This item does not have a history because it has never left my possession. It will not be on the dupe list. Vouches can be provided and I'm sure will be posted. *Pic is at end of thread* STATS: Indestructable Ethereal +2 Barb +2 Paladin +2 Sorc +2 Necro 156% Enhanced Defense Total Defense: 1989 Open Socket C/o - Bin - N/A I expect decent offers. The defense may be low but the item is +2/+2 and is still one of a kind. It also holds a personal place in my heart... it is the only item I've ever owned of value. I don't care for your opinion... at least not in the thread. PM me instead. I consider the bin to be extremely reasonable. Money / Trade Rules --- Absolutely no CC Paypal. No. Way. I will accept cash, money order, or western union AFTER facts and identies are checked. I will not be rushed with this; I will be safe because people suck.
  4. Nah. He's already made friends with me to assure that never happens. <3 I'm all for the BG having people be as hateful as possible - but why on earth do you call Tori a 'Thundercunt'. That's probably the most terrible word I've ever heard in my life. It's funny... But to call someone that is just wrong.
  5. I'll set at BIN at $100 - either non CC paypal, Western Union, or money order.
  6. C/o = $50 BIN = Whatever I can get. Base Def: 156% Defense: ~ 1989 (without the pul) Legit, self found, self zod'd. This item has NEVER left my possession. You're bidding on this valor: It is special to me so I'm not gonna let it go easily. I will be honest about that. However, I'm not a total bitch... leave offers and we can work something out.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's higher than 1800 without the pul... I'm trying to find someone to donate a hel and pul so I can take a screengrab without it... In fact I'm pretty sure its like 1980-1990 maybe a bit higher. There is no BIN... however.
  8. NO BIN. NO C/O. I'm not taking pul out. Let's pretend it's not above 2K def without the pul though. Someone who is good with numbers could probably check to see what the actual number would be. I'm saying it's not above 2K to be fair, although it might be. Who knows.
  9. Updated full nudes of me are on my new website: www.madd-hatterissexierthanme.com I do have to bow down sir... very well played. Sad I don't stick around long enough to see new posts and see this one get posted...
  10. I provided the topless already. But thanks for a C/o ! Makes me feel better inside.
  11. Def is like 1986 without the PUL. Still halfway decent I think.
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