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  1. Bump, Will be setting a bin soon, might separate the Btals off if the offers aren't there
  2. current I did, now nuri has it somehow but w/e everyone got screwed one way or another in that deal...cept him ofc... took me a very long time lol
  3. Alright Guys, I am testing the waters on my super expensive smiter...he could be used as a vt, or a vc, depending on what u want to put on him, I have included both builds for btals and without btals, This took me a very long time to put together and if the right offer comes my way i will part with it...I have over 130k invested into this character and some of that was on decent deals...their is no bin set...but i have a number in mind and its not cheap by any means, please don't low ball this character is perfection...not one thing isn't perfect on it and the build has a little more to it i didn't want to post to expose the build but you will get the other parts that aren't essential but they make it all worth while ill also throw in the lvl 99 pally if u dont have one already i have 3 to choose from and have the 4th being lvl'd currently, all are registered and such but thats just a bonus i will throw on top. Enjoy Weapons Grief Of Destruction PB Grief Of Doom Zerk 100% Perf CTA 6/6/4/3/3/3/290% (med/hs/conc) Armor FTA's Perm Btals (30ed/9dex/9str/9min) P Wrym Nigma P ring mail Treachery Gloves #1 VT Gloves 20ias/10cb/14str/15dex/19life/25 Lite res Ammys #1 VT Ammy +2Pally/+29Str/+19Dex/+59Life/40Lite Res/+38Cold Res #1 Walk Smite Ammy +2pally/30str/60life/10frw Crafted P maras (all same gfx as slipps) Boots Perm Bitter Bourges (named Smurftits) P upted WW's Inventory - use maras buff ofc 9x 45's DNA 9x 20/5s Coins 9x 20/11s Paws 20/20/25 torch 20/20/10 anni Sheilds P upted Hoz (berd) P Upted Hoz (30ed/9dex/9str/9min) P Eexile Zak Ed/Ar (super rare) P Spirit St Helms P coa (ber ber) P Shako (ber) P Shako (30ed/9dex/9str/9min) Belts P Dungos P Snowclash P tgods P arach Rings 2x Matching P Ravens 2x Matching P Wisps 2x Matching P Bks 2x Matching P Dwarfs (All diff gfx)
  4. if this is still available tomorrow i might bin it...im debating to blow 200 or 400 (btals) on this game one more time lol...ill let you know
  5. I have all cept for 6/6/4 Foh CTA p anni not sure if i will accept paypal...pm ur offer to bin, grief of destruction pb, 9x 45s matching, perm slippers, p grief z
  6. binning christ's valk got ur info, shot u a pm on jsp just wanna see it before i send and we all gravy
  7. will bin Christ's tommorrow, w/u pm me ur details, also not that we need it but id like to use sabersaw as the med when u message ill explain
  8. im amazed that the top gloves + grief of destruction + perfect gear = fail thread imo....
  9. i will...sell the entire character...for 225 + fees W/u...this is the best deal i see on dtrades...by far...the greif of destruction alone costs 200 onsale...350 normal, and it only goes onsale for a day at a time... Grief of destruction PB #1 Vt Gloves (20ias/10cb/14str/15dex/19life/25%lite res) +2/24str/17dex/48life/8all/46 psn Sick nasty boots - 30frw / 10fhr / 9Dex / 37cold res / 36lite res (108def) Rest of gear is all perfection ofc... Perfect Grief Z P upted hoz (ber) P spirit st P wrym nigma P upted Ww's P dungos P maras 6/6/4/3/3/3 cta p Shako (ber) 2x p ravens 2x p dwarfs 2x P bks P res St Sanc P snowclash P tgods P arach 9x 45's 10x 20/11 lites 20/20/5 anni 20/20/5 torch Merc p widowmaker with jewel (40ed/-15req) P eth ap fort Pcoa ber ber
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