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  1. Same thing I did but 5 months later..
  2. Funny thing is release of the game is only pvm isn't it? they cut out half the features in order to actually release the 6 month late game...
  3. I'm not sure how asus works, but for my corsair ssd, they sent me a newer updated one instead. I got double my value so I guess a compensation for a failed ssd.
  4. as far as I know you're not allowed to trade whole accounts, and also you're not allowed to trade WoW for money.
  5. Seto

    I ordered Skyrim

    I typically play games this way. Everyone that can die, must die. complete opposite for me, i kill nothing xD
  6. Got mine today also I guess invited another wave today.. they tend to do that, if its anything like sc2 beta basically everyone will get invited right before its over.. I actually got invited on both my accounts =) gave other one to my friend
  7. nice, I hope the shield is not coming back though, imo it was ugly and really ...umm out of place but the new system looks nice =) I like the idea of showing all votes and allowing neutral votes instead of a total of positive and egative
  8. Hey, what's up? So, where's the spam thread around here? its on another site cain had that was linked to dtrades... everyone who was on that site had like 10k+ posts >.>
  9. Seto

    DotA 2

    I've been playing since the second wave of invites got sent out which was like 2 months ago .. played about 200 game with about a 1:1 wlr I have a team of 4 I normally play with. if you ask me aside from the minor bugs and glitches the game is done really nicely.
  10. What's limiting it to 7.5? Mine got rated 5.9 due to shitty temp hdd while my ssd is being rma'd it was 7.6 with processor and ram limiting gfx was 7.8 in both and ssd was 7.9
  11. 2011 has been a good n bad year but now it's all over .. So let's welcome 2012 and make it a good year! Happy newyears dtrades!
  12. Yeah, sounds solid. I love these things. Only things I've done is damaged the edging of the screen bezel some. Otherwise, it's perfect. Well, that and one of the rubber pads on the bottom keeps on coming unstuck. Funny how I have that same problem, all the rubber feet except one has fallen off ..a lot of the times you'll see my laptop spin on a slanted desk randomly... only thing bad is in class when the desk isn't leveled my laptop might slide off..
  13. Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet but the moderation team page lists all the retired staff as site moderators
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