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  1. FT Verified Paypal ISO 2 druid 10 fhr 3 nado 30+ life pelt 2 os 2 druid 18+ fcr 20+ str 15+ all res 2 druid 20 fcr LIFE 2 os circ 9x 45 life ele gcs 20/20 dtorch 20/20/5-9 anni 2x 10 fcr 18+ str 15+ dex 25+ life rings : Bonus - ALL RESIST (Or at least stacked fire) 10x 20/4-5 scs 10 fcr 24 fhr 50+ life Rep life with some resist (no need poison) 30 frw 10 fhr 35+ tri resist boots (Must be light/fire/cold) if you have anything close to my iso post WITH price Thank you
  2. Hey, Its been a few years since my last post here coming back after a long d2 break and I'm looking for a full MF sorc or hdin Im looking for the whole package Must include Helm armor ammy weapon shield 2x rings gloves belt boots cta bo shield switch anni torch gheed Optional MF scs (will pay extra for these)
  3. we could use a mediator ill offer 100$
  4. id love to but i only have jsp fg lol and people on jsp dont like to sell stuff that i need
  5. Helms 2 druid 3 nado 2 os w/ 2x 20 life 15 res jewls in it 200% ummed jalals 85 res ummed kiras Weapons 40 hoto 6/6/2 cta 90 res 15 res jewled wizzy 35/108/8 spirit cs Armor 15% sup 769 roll RING MAIL enigma Shields Perfect base berd ss 35/112/8 Spirit monarch 35 fcr monarch for bo Lo Lo Ptopaz Ptopaz 13% sup monarch (for bming if you want to tongue.gif) 70 res Sanc trolls nest gloves 30% mage fists Belt 120% arach tgod snow clash boots 15/15 treks hot spurs rings 2x 5% bk 2x soj 2x 20 dex raven (one can be 20/245 if you really want it other then that just random 20 dex ravens) 2x matching perfect drawf star 10/20 wisp 17/11 wisp ammys (crafted)2 druid 7 fcr 26 str 40 life 11 mana 5% mana regen 66% GF ammy (rare) 2 druid 20 str 16 dex (for max block setup) Rising sun for those pesky glitch auradins Charms Lifers Eye 3x 40 2x 42 1x 43 dragon 2x 40 dna 1x 42 small charms (incomplete due to lack of intrest to diablo 2 lately) 4x 20/5's 1x 5/5 20/8 fire 20/6 light 20/20/6 anni 20/20 d torch
  6. Hey I have alot of free time and so ive decided to make a grushing service to get a little extra income in diablo Here are my prices and stuff Grush You on char - 20 fg - mal or ist - Item offer (must be a valued item i will not accept any old items) Me on char - 25 fg - hr - Item offer (must be a valued item i will not accept any old items)
  7. I have no verified PP and i loaded a Allaccess visa card on it (50$) wondering if it will work and it should seeing as its like a debit or credit card My iso is this Ammy 2 druid (not ele) 20 + str 16+ dex 30+ life 10+ fire res 10+ light res Pelt 2 druid 3 nado 30 + life 2 socket willing to offer up to 25$ each
  8. figured you had more stashed some where ill take the trap gc pnb gc 12x 7mf sc (how much are these?)
  9. last one was spammed so i was alowed to repost bruno ill buy all your skiller gcs (the usefull ones) at 5 fg each! Trap ele stuff like that
  10. skillers gcs offer me in these i guess
  11. Bruno just give me an offer (of easy to sell items) cheetoz ill think about it
  12. yeah i just want some stuff i can sell to a friend for ladder items seeing as the ladder forum on here blows no one is ever on it... edit : only have 100 fg now
  13. bin i trust you besides theres always the TT system
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