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  2. Glove - 1ll 14dex 14str 18life 10fireres 15mf 6crushingblow Boot - 30rw 34fireres 37lightres 14psnres Boot - 30rw +3replenishlife 13f/6l/27pres Belt - 24fhr 14str 28life 18coldres Belt - 24fhr 2str 56life lvl22req Jewel - 1min 5str 9dex 29lightres Jewel - 36ed 8str Pelt - 2druid 2nado 2direwolf 2life 17lightres Jewel - 15ias 11ed
  3. 2barb 3bo 9life 80ed/30ias (2x40/15) arreat style rare helm 2warcry 10fcr 22str 41life 20mana 22magicfind crafted amulet +751 ENIGMA Russet Armor 2004 eth archon CHAINS OF HONOR 80ed/30ias (2x 40/15) eth 35str GSKULL 10fcr 9str 49life 12mana 9%regenerate mana 54%goldfind craft belt eth ptopaz 214ed STEELSKULL 160/60ias 424 defense wire fleece of the whale 100 life 10fcr 14life 58mana 10allres rare ring 20rw 35mana 4% increase max mana 10% regenerate mana 28% light resist craft boot 30rw 26cold 28light 24mf rare boots Belt - 10fcr 24fhr 21life 18mana 10%regenerate mana
  4. King is back with half a mil in capital. Where the fuck is diablo 3... This game is patehthic no matter what game i join its destroyed by 15 spam bots in the first 5 minutes.
  5. Glove - 1ll 14dex 14str 18life 10fireres 15mf 6crushingblow Boot - 30rw 34fireres 37lightres 14psnres Boot - 30rw +3replenishlife 13f/6l/27pres Belt - 24fhr 14str 28life 18coldres Belt - 24fhr 2str 56life lvl22req Jewel - 1min 5str 9dex 29lightres Jewel - 36ed 8str Pelt - 2druid 2nado 2direwolf 2life 17lightres Boot - 20rw 4dex 15mana increase mana 3% regenerate mana 4% 16lightres 17mf Jewel - 15ias 11ed Belt - 10fcr 24fhr 21life 18mana 10%regenerate mana
  6. Back after 18 months Saved 2 chars this time. Tried to go on jsp and got instabanned Gotta love those virgins.
  7. I've been away from d2 for another 18 months In that time i have secured $82,000 thru poker to add to my name. Still have yet to visit Vegas as a 4 year long professional poker player. Afraid i might end up living there if i go; And im not ready to leave behind friends and family here in NY. Back on the game until i get bored again. Have become a professional sports handicapper in my offtime. ISO: Prubies Rals/Sols
  8. Came online to refresh the accounts again; been living in Atlantic City NJ for the past days or so. Patch 1.13; any reason to wanna play again? Still have shit to give away/sell.
  9. I would bitch slap the shit out of you to the point where your mother would have to call 911
  10. That is the greatest thing this community has ever gone thru. I put over 2000 virgins on tilt with that video.
  11. Well it seems they locked my jsp account 65,000 forum gold. It seems in my time away many have tried to impersonate me and scam children/other players using my name. I have read several pms asking why i stole this or why i didnt show up to that or when are we gonna do this trade, etc, etc. I find that to be pretty pathethic and a little hysterical truthfully. But such is the happenings of jealous toddlers with no futures. There is no control over such things. If you were a victim of the impersonation; i apologize that you had to go thru such things. I have only had 1 account since my return under the nick "SORC101" And that still is iAnc.bRoOkLyN; a long old starcraft clan account which I have not played in 4-5 years. But might pop back in this week because I have been looking for an old computer game to sit back on. Just not Diablo 2. Why? Because there is no reason to sit amongst a community of mostly thieves. No offense to the honest players; but there are so few; it takes away from the fun factor. The real story and why there is no reason to return: So I sat with 60% warn forever and finally the day it was lowered to 50% i made my return shortly after to make 1 post here on postabout: 6000fg:$100 (in items) A brief and short post which only was a reflection of my previous posts; (http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?act=findpost&pid=2282789) Perhaps if i had put in the effort to clarify (again); it may not have been mistaken as forum gold for cash. Those that have pm'd me 100x askin to buy my fg all know that i have always rejected such ordeals. But no one stepped up and spoke for the almighty "brook" and those that mocked the great "sorc101" got what they wished for. I have never tried to sell my gold for $; only ask people what items they want and i use my gold to trade for those items then sell those items for $. Apparently that is "illegal" as well; which I have found to be complete bullshit. I have not played this game since then; and even before that; that post was the first one in months. So about 1/2 a year or more without playing this game; i find that i still have an account with items on it. Still no patch; JSP has screwed me; yet again; out of a lot of dedicated work. When asking a mediator to help sort out the misunderstanding; i was called a liar and in return i called him a jerkoff which resulted in a ban. I still remain 100% legit and scam-free to this day; but those things mean nothing anymore. Merry xmas and "ba-humbug" to the grinches with no lives that set me up on this forum board. ::As i pet-rub my bricks of cash from professional poker:: I declare to state further that you will most definitely be seeing me rise in the poker world in 2010. I have sat around in the shadows of underground card rooms filled with bad luck for far too long. I made my debut on the internet last month only to have taken the most horrendous beats which have been posted on facebook daily. But the new year will bring new luck and i will turn the pipe dream into a reality; for I am long overdue. I have had nothing but fame and fortune always; and this year its time to put the spotlight on it to more than just 100k viewers on some forum board for a 10 yr old video game. Big brother is here; so this is it; its all out poker; I'll make my run in atlantic city while running my own place now in brooklyn -- therefore i will be posting the last of my d2 items for sale at hopefully a fair price. I have lost the love for this "world" but my heart still goes out to those that play daily. See you in diablo 3; perhaps.. w.K)bRoOkLyN kG-bRoOkLyN bRoOk Sorc101 The legit king.
  12. Sorry cant sell fg for cash directly Am asking people to post isos, i will trade my fg on jsp for those items then bring the items here to sell to you
  13. 10k forum gold for an item to be sold for $100 doesn't work for me. Sorry! 6k spent on items : those items for 100$ is my ratio Anything lower than this is ignored.
  14. Not dealing with valks sorry. Too much risk of a scam. Not worth it. So far i've made 60 bux from one person Anyone else? Lmk, got about 86k fg left to use. Lmk what item(s) you iso! Verified non cc paypal or money order only.
  15. perm 3/20/20s i cant even get a set of, wouldnt trade for 27x been tryin for a week, not really tryin but i got a topic im bumping a set is 10k fg which i would resell the charms for 165$ (37x) the 2 p coas i can probably get at 900fg and sell that for $15 for both 10x 20/5s, i donno, i think thats 2500fg, resell the charms for about $45 sshanks are like 2.2k fg i wouldnt want less than $30 and i think they sell for 20, not worth it to me. Lmk tho..i guess. Basically if it costs me 3k jsp fg, it will cost you $50. That's what I'm sticking to.
  16. zerk traded for 3k jsp fg bin the bow and warcry amulet for only 75$ together!
  17. Zerker is for sale for $50 still via money order 298ed 40ias fools amp
  18. Im trying to stay as close to 3k fg per $50 as possible. So buying 2 bmanas at 3k fg each and selling for $50 is not worth it to me. Same with fletch for $20, thats like 3k for $40, i would go and get perm fletches if people payed $25 per. Shit like that.
  19. Didn't log on to PA for a few days, sent pms to some people.
  20. This list will always be updated when more godlies are mf'd crafted or traded for. 292ed 40ias fools %tocast AMP on striking 94-325 dmg @ clvl92 (337 @ lvl98) 'LO'd rare Beserker axe Bin is $50. +2warcries 10fcr 22str 41life 20mana 5%regen 22mf reqlvl85 crafted amulet Bin is $15. CURRENTLY ON LADDER, RESET IS AROUND THE CORNER 238ed 20ias fools +2skills 2 open sockets Grand Matron Bow 330+ max damage with ar boost at lvl 98 with 50ias and +2skills! GFG top amapk bow on useast Bin is $75. Or bin all 3 for $120 Approximate jsp forum gold value - 8,000
  21. Post your isos i have 97k fg on jsp Quitting/cutting back on jsp I'm at 60%, so this is the right move. The gold jus sits there anyway Post what you're looking for and i will go trade for it and sell to you Conditions: If you tell me you're going to buy something and i go get it you must buy it I dont want to be stuck with your isos that i spent fg on. That's all im asking. Legit honest trading. If you cannot do this, you will be blacklisted. I am sorc101 on jsp for those that do not know. The 2004 legend, kg-brooklyn
  22. c/o but easily worth 50$, lmk. Ill only go as high as $30 because i could have sworn i saw this axe get sold to you for 1k-1.2k fg on jsp..... oh and its a BM axe..... pm me Was 2.2k last year
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