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  1. Hey there, Any chance any or all of this is still available? Thanks, Tim
  2. MeleePK


  3. I have a set of... I believe 8*35+ Cold lifers and 1*FHR Cold, I can get the exact number on each upon request... Looking for Fire gear/charms in trade. Get in touch if you're interested. Thanks for your time, Ciao!
  4. Looking for someone to Classic rush my Barb... Name your price; as long as it's relatively reasonable, I will accept. Looking for this by the end of the night. Preferably before 2:00 AM Eastern, or thereabouts. Hit me up on AIM, or PM me here. Thanks for your time, Ciao! ~Timmeh~
  5. Interested in 22* perms and the 213 Gores. 40.00 dollars on the perms, 10.00 dollars on the Gores. Thank you for your time, Ciao!
  6. Heya, Mike. PM me an overpay bin on the Anni, if you would. Thank ya sir, Ciao!
  7. MeleePK


    At some point I refused to read anymore of the "applications" before posting my own. Come to think of it, I believe it was around the time I saw that someone said that they spent "around 14 hours a day on D2/PA." (indirect quote.) In any event, though I don't have 14 hours a day to devote to PA/D2, I still have massive respect for both, and believe I could provide a diplomatic mind to most disaster situations. Need a PA EMT? Somewhat kidding. But seriously, if you need any help, let me know. Although I don't have a mass quantity of posts, I have been around for quite a while, and have nothing but positive TT ratings. I have an extensive knowledge of character builds and game mechanics, and, as should be apparent, I am also not a confused thirteen year old. Thank you for your time, ~Timmeh~
  8. fT: 35/36/36/37/38/38/39/FHR Ele GCs iSo: Perm 3/20/20s
  9. Evenin', sir. I have 4* 19/5s, and 1* 20/5, all legit. I'm interested in BeeManas. o.o Hit me up with a PM or a reply, either way. Talk to you soon. Ciao.
  10. Sorry, just to be clear, Cain, how many 20/17s do you need, and what are you currently paying for them? I have at least 10, plus about 3 20/16s. Let me know with a PM or a reply or if you want, AIM me, if you prefer. Ciao, sir.
  11. Do you consider my debit a c/c? I am a verified PayPal user. I'm interested in the 156% gValor, due to its defense. (My birth year, yes I'm a youngin) Let me know if you'd be willing to sell it to me, and I'll throw you an offer.
  12. Greetings, sir. I have 35/36/36/37/38/38/39/FHR Eles. Currently, these intrigue me: fire lifers:31/31/31/32/32/32/32 fhr/fhr/34/35/35/33/32/34 fire lifers Scs: 7 legit gfx 20/17 5 perm 2/17 one perm bmana 2/20/2 sorc tiara (currently shael shael) legit I'm interested in a combination of 7 Fire Lifers that, hopefully have matching EYE graphic, one FHR with hopefully a DNA graphic, graphic swaps for some of my 20/17s, if you have any with the BMana graphic, as well as possibly trading three of my 20/16s for 3 of your 20/17s, and if your Sorc Tiara is 50 defense, a swap for a lower defense 2/20/2 Sorc Tiara that I have. Let me know if we can work something out along those lines. Throw me a PM, I'll be around all day.
  13. fT: 35/36/36/37/38/38/39/FHR 20/20 Druid Torch 2/20/2 Druid Coronet, currently Shael-Shael iSo: 8*Perm 39 Light Lifers 6*17+/5s 19/19 Sorc Torch Green (preferably) 15/7 35/13 non-upped Vipermagi Thanks for peekin'.
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