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  2. Two questions I've always wanted to ask you; #1) Are you a trained, skilled or otherwise enthusiastic dancer? #2) Are you a queen? follow-up question; If the answer to #2 is yes, of which variety? (Royalty or fag sauce) lol maybe enthusiastic. not skilled or trained. and negative on the royalty.
  3. hey i'm not 14 anymore or catholic or republican ahaha
  4. i'll take some free shit broski all mine fucking expired
  5. do you still have them? I just started up again and have next to nothing... it'd be a huge help.
  6. let me know if you have it... we can work something out.
  7. HOW'S IT GOING!!! been a while... lol these are like the only solo pics i got... i'd put different ones on but don't really wanna put my rl friends on pa.
  8. i may be interested in the 3/20/20s.... let me know how much you want each and would you let me test them?
  9. i'd be interested in those 3/20/20s if you wanted to sell just those and not really much else of the barb. maybe i'd be interested in the armaslips.... would you be willing to let me baal with the items to test if they're perm?
  10. i would be very interested.... what are you looking to get for it? fg? $? Let me know.
  11. starting up d2 again kinda and have a barb atm. things i would like: any torch/anni bloodletter gf sword maybe a shit botd laying around.. i'll literally take anything though. ANYTHING. thanks if anyone can help
  12. you willing to let me test them? you're kinda new and I kinda don't know you.
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