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Everything posted by Daniel

  1. Wow I was sure you'd be dead by now, old man
  2. Oh God, you're still here? You're gonna cause the next wave of Nazis, ya fuckin jew.
  3. I'm shocked to see there are still people playing d2 and tubjuna hasn't died of clogged arteries. Who else is still roaming this shithole?
  4. Daniel


  5. Did you guys just turn this into racism? I thought we were more clever than that.. Zachariah knows he's black. You have to be black to be the next Jimi Hendrix.
  6. Cain.. you know if you talk to him like that its racist. I just made this thread a hate crime.
  7. First off... Wow you actually read this. Secondly, I never said I wasn't lame. And hi *mitymitymitymitymity
  8. Tenjuna: Please see the battlegrounds. Thankyou that is all.
  9. Must I come in here every time you post something stupid to correct you? I'm only one man god damnit! Anyways.. back to my quarrel. First off, you are a gigantic bald faggot. Now that that's out of the way, here's the real issue. All of these "mass pms" you've been sending saying "Downtime imminent".. Sir.. You have to have people log on in the first place to even fucking notice that. ((Christopher and that faggot jew don't count) (Or ruksak either.)) Secondly, stop sending me mass pms. And first off one more time, Whats up buddy?
  10. I'm almost ashamed now to be born today.
  11. I'm pretty sure that was because MoS. wanted to brutally rape you.
  12. I have the most posts on the first page. You faggots have some explaining to do.
  13. The casino repeatedly takes my money... those bitches. I second this post.
  14. I believe that was me. When D2 first went online back in 1978, I referred to my disco-mancer as being quite godly. The terminology stuck and thus became an iconic reference to superior character structure that is now embedded in internet verbiage. Thank me if you must, I do this sort of shit daily. Gib some weed? <3 Is it that obvious? I have some.. but in about 5 minutes I'll have to change that to the past tense.
  15. Whoever coined the phrase "Godly" In diablo 2, you are a faggot and I hope you die.
  16. I'd take any of you fuckers one on one.
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