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  1. Sounds like it will be awesome! Cain with oh so many new ideas
  2. Only logical explanation is...HACKS! Go read guides on MLD ... you can own HLD too!
  3. I'll play until new ones come out ... Dexterity / *Faze
  4. Yeah, gogo Chase, I still play message my zon Dexterity *Faze.
  5. I'll duel you up sometime, although I haven't dueled in ages, my acc. is *Faze. msg me up...
  6. Nice cain, now im going to go look at all these new games
  7. GM, get close enough for someone to SM you then that is your fault...If some dude is going to charge you, run away and fire arrows at him. If the other person SM you than SM them back... zzz SM is so easy to avoid . . . =/
  8. Wow, Cain, this makes my Advanced Member group seem, worthless Cool stuff, maybe should add a couple features to the Adv Memb group hah EDIT: Cain, I know I am just joking around I know what this spot is for, not for all the goodies and such, but for staff spot EVENTUALLY, I'm just bugging you
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