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Note: DTrades does not support or condone hacking/botting/cracking programs. this includes posting any 3rd party files whatsoever.

Note: Anyone who contacts an Admin in anyway to harass them, will be banned without any questions.

Note: Spamming or Flaming on arcade scores will result in a warn as well.

No Flaming (This includes Flaming people in PM's)

No Spam

No Racism

No Sexism

No Nude photos or purposely disgusting images

No Bumping OLD topics

No Asking/Begging for TT's (trusty trader votes)



-Safe Transfer List

-Signature and Avatar Rules

-Forum Gold Information

-Member Title Change Item Information

-How to Post Pics

-Donation Explanation

-Arcade Info

-Validating E-mails

-Scammer Accusations

-Diablo Interaction Rules

-Jokers Realm Specific Rules

-Signature and Advertisement Rules

-Specific Dbay Rules



* Trading items for a banned member, or allowing a banned member to use your account, is a banable offense. YOU WILL BE BANNED if you're caught trading items for a banned person, or allowing a banned person to use your account.

* DO NOT post "bump" to bump your topic, Use the "Bump" button located at the top right of the posting menu. This also means do not post "c/o" or "new items added" within the 2 hour period...this is what the Edit button is for.

* Max of 3 ACTIVE Threads on the First Page (the default is each page is 50 threads...if you set this to something else that's fine, but this rule applies to 50 threads per page)

* DO NOT start a new duplicate thread as soon as your original post leaves the first page.

* Trading of Forum Gold from any other forum is allowed but NOT recommended.

* No trading or selling cdkeys for any game.

* No asking for offers via PM or battle.net.

* No bumping TRADE topics older than 3 days that are not Yours.

* No selling items for real money. Paypal, ebay, etc... No links to sites that do this either. The only exception to this is the DBay forum.

* No Asking for Price Checks outside the Price Check forum.

* No asking for advice about characters/items, do this in the Diablo interaction forums.

* No Begging for any items or forum gold at any time outside the Item Help thread.

* No flaming anyone's trade no matter how off the value is.

* No thread stealing.

* No trading accounts.

* No trading games that supposedly hold Uber Baal and Diablo for torch.

* No fake offers or posting Open Bnet items, this is spam and will result in a warn, maybe more.

* Trading names is allowed as long as i see it's going to be done safely and honestly.

* No duplicate threads, Any similar threads will be closed.

* NO OUTSIDE LINKS RELATED TO D2. the exception to this is posting c/o's to threads on eBay, bnet and d2jsp links not related to D2 and must not contain pornography, vulgar, or offensive material, OR REFERRAL SITES.

* NO FLAMING OUTSIDE THE BATTLE GROUNDS! This includes posts, PMs, and e-mails that originate from the site.


Rules about Annihilus Charm, Gheed's Grand Charm, Hellfire Torches and items from other games:

Rule removed since now you can them in the trade window.


Rules about poofing items:

* Because of the recent rash of scams related to so-called 'permed' items, DTrades recommends that you do not purchase a 'permed' item based solely on the word of the seller. Doing so IS AT YOUR OWN RISK and will not be handled in the scam accusation thread.

Conversely, anyone found to be selling or trading hot dupes represented as 'permed' items will be banned. no exceptions.

if you DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE that the item is legit (and it's in the duped item list), such as someone told you it was, but you haven't tested it or had it tested...YOU CANNOT CLAIM IT AS LEGIT.

anyone pawning off something as legit, and that item is on the dupe list...and it subsequently poofs WILL BE BANNED.






I thought I had made this clear, but somehow there are a few of you that just don't seem to get it. I would think this is obvious, but here we go:

If you spam, you get warned...PERIOD.

saying anything that has nothing to do with trade = SPAM

saying anything and then offering 1fg for item posted =SPAM

asking a question that has nothing to do with trade = SPAM

making a comment about a posted price = SPAM

making a comment about the item posted = SPAM

giving your opinion when not asked = SPAM

posting a pic that has nothing to do with trade = SPAM

bitching about not getting your way = SPAM

bitching about not getting your offer in on time = SPAM

bitching about seller not accepting your offer = SPAM

bitching about a mod performing his/her duties = SPAM

saying anything but nice things about tenjuna = SPAM

(hah couldn't resist that last one) = SPAM rofl.gif

what ISN'T spam:

a real offer for item posted

a real offer for item posted and then saying anything else at all

retracting an offer

changing your mind

asking a question about item posted

thanking a person for a successful trade

Signature and Avatar Rules


-Signatures must only be a max demension of 400x150 pixels.

-Are only allowed to be 100kb in file size. (edited to 100k by tenjuna)

-Only 4 lines of single-spaced text allowed, even with no pic. (added by tenjuna)

*NOTE* STAFF LINKS DO NOT COUNT AS A LINE (therefore making 5 lines max for Staff)

-Please make sure it is 4 lines on 800x600 resolution. (added by Nephilim)

**No nudity, flaming, or obscene gestures are allowed**


-Must be a max demension of 100x100.

-Are allowed to be up to 50kb in file size. (edited to 50kb by tenjuna)

-NO STEALING OTHER PEOPLES AVATARS! (doing so will result in a warn added by smoked)

**No nudity, flaming, or obscene gestures are allowed**

Not following with these rules will result in the removal of your signature and/or avatar and a Warn.

I would also like to add that any signatures or avatars with the soul purpose to annoy other members will be removed. These would be sigs containing racism, flashing lights, and anything else deemed so by the staff.

Forum Gold Information

I'm sure you may be asking yourself, "what is forum gold, and what do I do with it?", well this FAQ (frequently asked questions) & Tutorial is designed to answer all those questions.


Q: What is forum gold?

A: Forum gold is something you earn by posting on the forums. It's a smaller form of currency designed to give you more choices.

Q: So what do i do with forum gold?

A: Right now forum gold has only a few uses, but we will expand it into different areas. Right now you can trade it to other members for "stuff" , or you can purchase items from the forum shop. (see below)

Q: Ok, i like forum gold, but how do i get more of it?

A: I'm glad you asked that. Forum gold is earned by making posts and topics.

Q: OMG WTF!!!! How come i don't get forum gold in certain areas of the forums?

A: To give forum gold value, certain "high post count" areas of the forums have had the reward of forum gold disabled. This will keep the forum gold in balance.

Q: Ok so how do i send this "forum gold" anywayz???

A: Simply locate the gold indicator located under the person name who you want to send the gold to and click it. Also by looking in someones profile, you will be able to send Forum Gold. If you do not see a persons name after clicking the link, it means the forum gold WILL NOT BE SENT to anyone, and will be lost. Do not bitch and moan if you loose Forum Gold this way by not taking 2 seconds so make sure someones name is visable.

Q: And what's the forum shop?

A: The forum shop is a place where you can buy accessories for use on this forum. It's got a few nice items you might enjoy having. It's pretty self explanatory, go see for yourself.


Ok now that i've answered your questions i'll eplain how to use it. Follow these steps and you should have no problems.

1) Accumulate forum gold by posting on the forums.

2) If you'd like to trade your forum gold , go to the trading forums, find someone you wanna trade with and click the gold indicator located under the members avatar information. (Refer to the picture below)

3) If you'd like to buy something from the forum shop, go the right top corner of the forums and click Shop. (Refer to the picture below)

4) Repeat as needed.

Remember if your in doubt about someones trust level , be sure to contact a moderator of some type and ask for their help.



Member Title Shop Item Information

in case you didnt know, there is an item in the fg store that allows you to add a Member Title to your account for 50fg.

this is a one time use item.

I will delete obscene or suggestive Titles (Trade Mod, etc) and then warn you.

you will not be reimbursed, so use some common sense people. Also using the the change member name to make an obscene or suggestive title will result in warn and possibly a ban.

How to post pictures

Basically you take a screenshot of the item you wanna post by hitting the prnt screen button on the top right of your keyboard.

You have to then paste it into microsoft paint (mspaint.. *NOTE* the cropping may also be done in word) and use the rectangle to cut out the bit you want to keep. Once the rectangle is around the bit you want to keep, press CONTROL + C. Open up a new one and paste that in there. You should only have what the rectangle had in it.

You then need to save the file as a .JPEG image. (this appears in a drop down box when ur saving it)

After you have saved it somewhere pick a site to upload:







And browse for the file. click on it and then press upload.

A URL address should appear, now copy this and when you start a new topic you should see a button with 'IMG' on it, click on this and paste in the URL and you're set.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Arcade Information

I imagine if your new to these forums you may wonder what the arcade is exactly. Well here's some frequently asked questions that i'd like to answer.


Q: What's the arcade?

A: The arcade is a place where members of this forum can go and play games.

Q: How much does the arcade cost me?

A: The arcade is free.

Q: Where can I find the arcade?

A: Click Arcade button at the top of the site.

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