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Looking for Top Ghost Gear

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Only trustworthy items, it's been a while but I still have tabs on known gear and in-depth research will be made prior to purchasing.


Particularly need (in order of priority):

1. Perm Glitched Chaos (looking for unnamed preferably - have a seller for named already)

2. Eth rep cruels wf 20s - leave stats (have a seller need to see what else is out there but doubt this will be beat)

3. Eth rep fools wf 20s - leave stats (have a seller need to see what else is out there but doubt this will be beat)

4. 2x 2/20/2/viso/life/dex - 2xgg matching jewels

5. 10fcr/115+ar/15dex/55+life crafted ring (or substitute 20+str/15+life for the 55+life)

6. gg rare rings like 10fcr/110+ar/20str/35+life/20+fr/20+pr/or @all res/mana/etc - any combo of this would work need 2x

7. Perfect Inventory - 9x45 lifers, 10x32020s, 10x36/20s, 10x20/5s, 25/20/20 sin torch + p anni (will get these last and I prefer all matching if possible on the sets)

8. P Shadow dancers, P up'd gores, P Raven (at least matching the crafted ring above), P enigma archon, P Arach, Sun Highlords gfx (will get these last)

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