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GG offer list

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Bugtal named sV-charsi  $1000

10x  perm Bmanas $130 each from Charles@Pa ( trusted one )

37x perm 5frw/3max/20ar $110 each

Undertows gchaos and Gfury
2x123 Perm valk

3x Fletch
1x Sscirc
Storm hide
gspurs,sshanks, viper tramps

Zoj's G chaos - $600

Oni's G chaos - $600

Storm Song - $700

Ghoul Razor - $650

Armageddon Visor : $350

Fiend Hood : $250

Corpse Crest : $270

Eagle Crest : $450

"IMP SONG" WAR FIST : 40ias 294ed fools 3-1 Cold dmg / 3blade of ice / 3 wake of inferno  ETH/REP 2OS - $700




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