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Top Melee Items, Zeal and Concentrate

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Ghoul Reaver Berserker Axe: 293 ED-40 IAS-14 Max Damage-Fools-Eth + Repair Durability-2os 

Cruel Crusher Legendary Mallet: 298 ED-40 IAS-16 Stregnth-Fools-Eth + Repair Durability-2os  

Blood Cleaver Berserker Axe: 296 ED-40 IAS-3 Minimum Damage-Fools-Eth + Repair Durability-2os 



Demon Crest Barbarian Helm: +2 Barbarian-Visionary-+3 Battle Orders-+3 Iron Skin-+2 Shout-33 Life-197 ED-Eth + Repair Durability-1os 712 Total Defense 

Grim Hood: 2pal-Visionary-29str-17dex-39life-2os 

Deadly Strike Visionary: 10ds-Visionary-195ed-56life-2os 442 Total Defense 

Defense Visionary Corona: 200ed-Visionary-31life-Eth + Repair Durability-2os 747 Total Defense 



Eagle Coil Ring: 120ar-25str-15dex-56life x2



Legit/Perm Glitch Valor +2 Barb 

Carrion Carapace Sacred Armor: 190 ED-51 Life-20 Poison Resistence-Eth + Repair Durability-2os  2612 Total Defense 

Craft Gloves: 20ias-10 Crushing Blow-187ed-15str-15dex-19life 189 Total Defense 

Craft Gloves: 20ias-10 Crushing Blow-190 ED-15 Strength-15 Dexterity-15 Life 191 Total Defense 



Pre-patch 25%/20/20 Paladin Torch 

Pre-patch 25%/20/20 Barbarian Torch

20/20/10 Anni x2

3/20/20 x 37 2 sets




Some of best very godly melee gears, I am long time away and only refreshing characters.  Don't want expire, so sadly will sell.  Prefer crypto (BTC).  If you have interest, send me message please!  All gears are show base stats, some weapons have LoLo, some armors or helms different jewels for melee.  I can also make complete character for you

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On 10/28/2018 at 12:25 PM, cransnam said:

So youre expecting around 5,000 usd for the paladin ?

I listen to all offers, some of these item are impossible to get today, there are some others copies but owners will never trade them.  Mallet may be last one on east, barbarian helm is one of only 3 or so that exist, etc.  Items for highrollers only ;)

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On 1/27/2019 at 12:36 PM, JonCon said:

Pretty big coincidence that you have posted the big ticket items that were stolen from De

Nothing of my item are stolen, I have had all of this since quite long time, and paid top dollar from site like charsifood to put these characters together.  Please do not spam my thread, especially with accusations that have no proof.  Ty

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