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Another round of GW Running this market

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Why would i go on his site? That dude tagged along with travis, brad, noni, metasploit and tried to lable me a scammer and bad mouth me and my cash site.


iwill never go on a scammer site. They all screwe up when they fucked with the dude with the money cuz i bet yall sales plunged when i quit buying shit

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Like gm zealot?


eth Small Crescent Axe 246ed fools 40ias 124ar adds 1-5 fire damage Zod'd 197-357 damage


eth Black Hades 2331 def Cham Zod 7fhr/59ar/4replife/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed


eth rep Giant Conch "Shadow Veil" 729def 1os 10fhr Viso 30ed/52ar/33def/-15% req Jeweled 200%ed +10life +18%coldres


37ed/15ias 489def Storm Shield


Angelics ring and Ammy


60%ed/20str Steelrends 237def


213def Up'd Gore Riders


157def 40vitality 15 dr Verdungo Cord


3/6bo/4 CTA Warscepter +3 Holyshield +1 meditation and converstion


Spirit Crown shield 35fcr 45resists 


20/17 P Torch


19/19/9 Anni


4x 3/20/20 -1 Football 3 Paws small charms


2x 3/18/20 small charms


3/13/15, 3/16/13, 3/17/13 , 3/20/13 Small Charms


I can switch those for stronger ones if need like 3/15/15 or something. I have more characters if you want to see let me know. Thanks have a Happy St. Pattys Day




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