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Blizz, Hdin, Smite, Trap, BvC, Ele BINS POSTED

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Accepting paypal and btc, ltc, eth, and COLX.

Also have a level 98.5 paladin seperate one word name (25$)

Everything is perm or legit unless marked unperm.
Prices are negotiable, prefer to sell chars as a whole.

Smiter - 300$
Grief BA 40/400/10ed https://i.imgur.com/y81KLyo.png
Grief PB 40/400/15ed/3ar https://i.imgur.com/JbA2UDd.png
200ed/576 upped hoz https://i.imgur.com/hsiachu.png
258/45 Exile ST https://i.imgur.com/Oau7ukJ.png
Enigma Russet https://i.imgur.com/SI9P5iv.png
Perf BerBer COA https://i.imgur.com/1kXTP1h.png
Soul Shanks https://i.imgur.com/5YZeixa.png
Spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/vsPdLUX.png
10fcr/20str/33life/5mana/8fr/22pr ring https://i.imgur.com/3xEmV22.png
Perf Raven "wing" gfx
Perf BK "wing" gfx
Perf Dungos https://i.imgur.com/Ji9YOuV.png
20ias/3ll/10CB/97ED/16life/30LR/HFD Gloves https://i.imgur.com/yMLfvuR.png
6/6/4/3/3/3 CTA https://i.imgur.com/oFGUTmQ.png
BO Spirit https://i.imgur.com/2XDlZJj.png
trangs gloves https://i.imgur.com/vNK06KL.png
vex vex coa https://i.imgur.com/NNzKjSI.png
-25/20/189 griifs https://i.imgur.com/7ZlQM59.png
foh stick https://i.imgur.com/VzDc8YE.png
p arach https://i.imgur.com/RS6C0QX.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/FV8FyiB.png
cr stack ST https://i.imgur.com/hOzw2Pm.png
shako https://i.imgur.com/FQ8x7Us.png
kira's https://i.imgur.com/Eyi3REB.png
20/16 "wing" wisp https://i.imgur.com/sCooyJQ.png
20/19 "wing" wisp https://i.imgur.com/qwBQU8p.png

10x 20/5 "football" https://i.imgur.com/BjNhlAS.png
20/20/25 pally torch https://i.imgur.com/8RaqFO3.png
9x 45 life pcomb "eye" https://i.imgur.com/J3mP8TI.png
panni https://i.imgur.com/ZgZ7tcH.png

Blizz Sorc - 200$
Rune Slippers https://i.imgur.com/T89oKbx.png
2x soj https://i.imgur.com/HnqqyT8.png
arach https://i.imgur.com/t8Lpi3S.png
3 Blizz 15/15/15 Ormus https://i.imgur.com/jZblEUt.png
15/20/9/91 nightwings https://i.imgur.com/6hzw206.png
30/35/38 fathom https://i.imgur.com/XuNrUYt.png
perf spirit mon https://i.imgur.com/SM6wUzw.png
2sorc/10fcr/29str/45life/15 all res amulet https://i.imgur.com/saPua8u.png
6/6/4/3/3/3/271 cta staff https://i.imgur.com/BrJP8Mt.png
frosties https://i.imgur.com/Mz4Q3AY.png
30frw/10fghr/33mana/32lr/34fr boots https://i.imgur.com/GBxWTa4.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/XED71Fx.png
Upped Vmagi https://i.imgur.com/7DyUBBv.png
20/12 wisp https://i.imgur.com/IOr0UNe.png
10fcr/35 life/83 mana/19cr ring https://i.imgur.com/dGNSMuG.png
10fcr/2str/52life/12lr ring https://i.imgur.com/DUQe3sG.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/cnIFoWn.png

*UNPERM* 16x bmanas
9x 40life cold gcs "dna" gfx https://i.imgur.com/C5rT8wY.png
2x 12fhr cold gcs "dna" gfx https://i.imgur.com/JRJCOR8.png

eth fort archon plate https://i.imgur.com/VtZjoep.png
eth infinity CV https://i.imgur.com/Xa52a6o.png
Dream Bone Visage https://i.imgur.com/qZ7toi4.png

Trapper - 125$
2 sin/30ias/1mb/2df/3ls/2os GT with 1x 15ias/15all res + 1x 7fhr/4rep/15mana/10all res jewel https://i.imgur.com/quYytNH.png
2 sin/2df/3ls GT with 2x 7fhr/4rep/15mana/10all res jewel https://i.imgur.com/DNK0JYo.png
775 Enigma Wyrm https://i.imgur.com/BuDa8x0.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/UX3lyUe.png
25dex/90ed/126def sdancers https://i.imgur.com/SVGghuK.png
25dex/70ed/122def sdancers https://i.imgur.com/uwKTqwp.png
cham griffs https://i.imgur.com/ElhQ4xL.png
lo griffs https://i.imgur.com/bLq8Tdz.png
759 Enigma Of Durress RM https://i.imgur.com/io5tFDM.png
775 Enigma RM https://i.imgur.com/ZlkvVOO.png
2/18fcr/32 life ammy https://i.imgur.com/fDaSsyk.png
10fcr/5str/26life/30cr/20lr ring https://i.imgur.com/ycVFJAk.png
10fcr/94ar/20str/39life/3mana/14fr ring https://i.imgur.com/V40DWOR.png
138 arach https://i.imgur.com/uorcRPa.png
6/6/3/294 cta twin axe https://i.imgur.com/8hRWAXm.png
bo spirit https://i.imgur.com/I4lWA7Y.png
10fcr/110ar/25life/28lr ring https://i.imgur.com/93p7Lww.png
10fcr/19str/50life ring https://i.imgur.com/sHSDzkx.png

44/43/42/42/42/42/41/41/41 unmatching trap gcs (listed in order of ss) https://i.imgur.com/NfTYsR1.png
2x 20/5 coin
2x 20/11 cr coin
2x 20/11 cr football
6x 20/11 lr coin
4x 20/11 fr coin
1x 20/11 fr paw
1x 20/11 fr football
1x 5fhr/11 cr paw
1x 5fhr/11 lr paw

eth fort shadow plate https://i.imgur.com/SRoXwzd.png
eth infinity great poleaxe https://i.imgur.com/aKaHRJI.png
eth giant skull... with flawed? gem https://i.imgur.com/ulIlCXn.png

Hammerdin - 125$
2/20/60life/15all res/1os circ with 20life/15res jewel https://i.imgur.com/iLUtLdW.png
2pally/20fcr/50life/19mana amulet https://i.imgur.com/CBTu3jS.png
775 Enigma GP https://i.imgur.com/TdJUMP6.png
3combat/3conc/3hammer war scepter with 2x 20life/15res https://i.imgur.com/uSZjyQo.png
35fcr/45 all res/107 mana/7absorb spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/CBKiBLc.png
65 life ww https://i.imgur.com/uf5mIGf.png
10fcr/15str/15dex/89mana/10all res ring https://i.imgur.com/d5GYvnu.png
perf arach https://i.imgur.com/V4Vy3x3.png
perf bk https://i.imgur.com/Z210iQa.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/gzKV0Jt.png
6/6/2/3conv/3foh cta https://i.imgur.com/XGYPI63.png
bo spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/lfbsQkm.png
30/15/386 berber coa https://i.imgur.com/8pa1gvU.png
394/40 griefz https://i.imgur.com/iiy2N3k.png
40 hoto https://i.imgur.com/YuwXrIn.png
raven scarab wiz https://i.imgur.com/4PXvZKJ.png
70/94 kiras https://i.imgur.com/KQi3VGk.png
lr stack ST https://i.imgur.com/xEerXGw.png
40/15/107/13 dungos https://i.imgur.com/SN44DgT.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/VP3o3oU.png
769 Enigma of Duress FPM https://i.imgur.com/oBOGVlv.png
Upped Hotspurs https://i.imgur.com/TuBXbF4.png
141 shako Jah
5% bk wing
soj wing
20/19 wisp wing
228/20 raven orange
perf maras star

43/42/40 "monster" pcomb
42/40/40 "dna" pcomb
43/42/41 "eye" pcomb
6x 18/5 football
4x 19/5 football
20/20/5 anni
20/20/5 pally torch
1x 12% fhr pcomb "eye"

Eth Fort Hellforge Plate https://i.imgur.com/HwcSxrp.png
400% ebotd WP https://i.imgur.com/jCgGcdd.png
andy's visage ral'd https://i.imgur.com/etr2Orm.png

BVC - 100$
Perf BerBer COA https://i.imgur.com/RN6G8Bi.png
774 rm enigma https://i.imgur.com/3O2WZ3B.png
39/400 griefz https://i.imgur.com/vyhBAX4.png
beastz https://i.imgur.com/lGgWJwd.png
40/15/13/103 dungo https://i.imgur.com/gsvppFk.png
200%ed/201def upped gores https://i.imgur.com/vOJi8aC.png
50 str wc club https://i.imgur.com/qPBbykH.png
40 hoto flail
named trangs https://i.imgur.com/DJtPPKR.png
named arreats https://i.imgur.com/D1MWesj.png
30frw/35cr/26lr/40fr boots https://i.imgur.com/ovyJwG6.png
rends https://i.imgur.com/brwIn27.png
arach https://i.imgur.com/HWUfJPW.png
demon limb https://i.imgur.com/ozgdGvh.png
bfists https://i.imgur.com/fcnaI0J.png
2barb/3bo/3shout/repair/2os helm https://i.imgur.com/baPn8Ax.png
2x perf raven "blue ball"
1x 5% bk "blue ball"
1x 4% bk "blue ball"
1x 20/20 wisp "blue ball"
highlords "star"
3wc/89hp ammy "star" https://i.imgur.com/kfdiTjf.png
nokozan "star"
2barb/20fcr/4%mana steal/12dex/20mana/8%regen mana ammy "star" https://i.imgur.com/33HjaGD.png
10fcr/115ar/12dex/87mana/9all res/39% gold from monsters ring "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/7JOA4Rw.png
10fcr/122ar/34life/75mana/10lr/1light radius ring "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/DnIPsKi.png

20/19/25 Btorch
20/20/8 anni
34x 3/20/20 paw
4x 36/20 paw
4x 36/20 coin
4x 5/3/20 coin
1x 451 paw

Eth fort Great Hauberk https://i.imgur.com/M0xSZyV.png
Windforce https://i.imgur.com/vaLircZ.png
32life/3os helm with 3x 40/15 https://i.imgur.com/KEoelMC.png

ELE - 100$
2druid/10fhr/3nado/3volcano/2hunger/108HP/10fr pelt (2x p ruby) https://i.imgur.com/HqiJBra.png
35fcr spirit https://i.imgur.com/ZtwmZmk.png
sbranch with 7fhr/9str/9dex/25cr https://i.imgur.com/RCohSBG.png
eth sbranch with 20life/15all https://i.imgur.com/4OKbKoj.png
named wiz with 20life/15res https://i.imgur.com/zfrLiCD.png
40 hoto flail https://i.imgur.com/Gt7j8cz.png
30frw/10fhr/31cr/36lr/9fr boots https://i.imgur.com/CcO48rQ.png
69 def trang gloves
10fcr/33life/8mana/29lr ring https://i.imgur.com/RlUCOIH.png
10frc/4str/58life/10mana/25fr ring https://i.imgur.com/JIYvK4e.png
p arach https://i.imgur.com/kqeJUFx.png
2druid/18fcr/14all res ammy https://i.imgur.com/2j2IJmm.png
35 fcr spirit https://i.imgur.com/KPTIsG8.png
4/6/2 cta flail https://i.imgur.com/0vvhUYJ.png
2druid/20fcr/26str/38pr/1os circ with um rune https://i.imgur.com/V77cyhb.png
10frw/10fhr/32lr/32fr/repair boots https://i.imgur.com/ygwKAwo.png
20/15 LoLo COA https://i.imgur.com/dn1lya3.png
10fcr/24fhr/20str/34mana/8mana rege/26pr belt https://i.imgur.com/EAgFbXW.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/dJuFcVE.png
29/18 wish "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/U1tYytb.png
30frw/10fhr/7dex/38lr/28fr boots https://i.imgur.com/fTFbuV8.png
775 Enigma of Duress RM https://i.imgur.com/vYHLh2K.png
774 Tigulated Enigma https://i.imgur.com/1sO8Ni9.png
hotspur https://i.imgur.com/ToP1quI.png
2druid/20fcr/17str/10dex/18mana/9mana regen ammy https://i.imgur.com/PIhBsk6.png

9x 40 life ele gcs dna
2x 12fhr ele gcs dna
2x 19/5 coin
1x 20/5 coin
1x 18/5 paw
1x 17/5 paw
2x 19/5 football
1x 18/5 football
1x 17/5 football
1x 19/11 lr football
2x 20/11 lr football

Eth The Reaper's Toll https://i.imgur.com/80KUBPm.png
Guillaume's face https://i.imgur.com/TMp4rIX.png

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