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Looking to Buy High end GG Items for $

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Perf BerBer COA https://i.imgur.com/RN6G8Bi.png
774 rm enigma https://i.imgur.com/3O2WZ3B.png
39/400 griefz https://i.imgur.com/vyhBAX4.png
beastz https://i.imgur.com/lGgWJwd.png
40/15/13/103 dungo https://i.imgur.com/gsvppFk.png
200%ed/201def upped gores https://i.imgur.com/vOJi8aC.png
50 str wc club https://i.imgur.com/qPBbykH.png
40 hoto flail
named trangs https://i.imgur.com/DJtPPKR.png
named arreats https://i.imgur.com/D1MWesj.png
30frw/35cr/26lr/40fr boots https://i.imgur.com/ovyJwG6.png
rends https://i.imgur.com/brwIn27.png
arach https://i.imgur.com/HWUfJPW.png
demon limb https://i.imgur.com/ozgdGvh.png
bfists https://i.imgur.com/fcnaI0J.png
2barb/3bo/3shout/repair/2os helm https://i.imgur.com/baPn8Ax.png
2x perf raven "blue ball"
1x 5% bk "blue ball"
1x 4% bk "blue ball"
1x 20/20 wisp "blue ball"
highlords "star"
3wc/89hp ammy "star" https://i.imgur.com/kfdiTjf.png
nokozan "star"
2barb/20fcr/4%mana steal/12dex/20mana/8%regen mana ammy "star" https://i.imgur.com/33HjaGD.png
10fcr/115ar/12dex/87mana/9all res/39% gold from monsters ring "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/7JOA4Rw.png
10fcr/122ar/34life/75mana/10lr/1light radius ring "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/DnIPsKi.png

20/19/25 Btorch
20/20/8 anni
34x 3/20/20 paw
4x 36/20 paw
4x 36/20 coin
4x 5/3/20 coin
1x 451 paw

Eth fort Great Hauberk https://i.imgur.com/M0xSZyV.png
Windforce https://i.imgur.com/vaLircZ.png
32life/3os helm with 3x 40/15 https://i.imgur.com/KEoelMC.png

2druid/10fhr/3nado/3volcano/2hunger/108HP/10fr pelt (2x p ruby) https://i.imgur.com/HqiJBra.png
35fcr spirit https://i.imgur.com/ZtwmZmk.png
sbranch with 7fhr/9str/9dex/25cr https://i.imgur.com/RCohSBG.png
eth sbranch with 20life/15all https://i.imgur.com/4OKbKoj.png
named wiz with 20life/15res https://i.imgur.com/zfrLiCD.png
40 hoto flail https://i.imgur.com/Gt7j8cz.png
30frw/10fhr/31cr/36lr/9fr boots https://i.imgur.com/CcO48rQ.png
69 def trang gloves
10fcr/33life/8mana/29lr ring https://i.imgur.com/RlUCOIH.png
10frc/4str/58life/10mana/25fr ring https://i.imgur.com/JIYvK4e.png
p arach https://i.imgur.com/kqeJUFx.png
2druid/18fcr/14all res ammy https://i.imgur.com/2j2IJmm.png
35 fcr spirit https://i.imgur.com/KPTIsG8.png
4/6/2 cta flail https://i.imgur.com/0vvhUYJ.png
2druid/20fcr/26str/38pr/1os circ with um rune https://i.imgur.com/V77cyhb.png
10frw/10fhr/32lr/32fr/repair boots https://i.imgur.com/ygwKAwo.png
20/15 LoLo COA https://i.imgur.com/dn1lya3.png
10fcr/24fhr/20str/34mana/8mana rege/26pr belt https://i.imgur.com/EAgFbXW.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/dJuFcVE.png
29/18 wish "blue ball" https://i.imgur.com/U1tYytb.png
30frw/10fhr/7dex/38lr/28fr boots https://i.imgur.com/fTFbuV8.png
775 Enigma of Duress RM https://i.imgur.com/vYHLh2K.png
774 Tigulated Enigma https://i.imgur.com/1sO8Ni9.png
hotspur https://i.imgur.com/ToP1quI.png
2druid/20fcr/17str/10dex/18mana/9mana regen ammy https://i.imgur.com/PIhBsk6.png

9x 40 life ele gcs dna
2x 12fhr ele gcs dna
2x 19/5 coin
1x 20/5 coin
1x 18/5 paw
1x 17/5 paw
2x 19/5 football
1x 18/5 football
1x 17/5 football
1x 19/11 lr football
2x 20/11 lr football

Eth The Reaper's Toll https://i.imgur.com/80KUBPm.png
Guillaume's face https://i.imgur.com/TMp4rIX.png


Grief BA 40/400/10ed https://i.imgur.com/y81KLyo.png
Grief PB 40/400/15ed/3ar https://i.imgur.com/JbA2UDd.png
200ed/576 upped hoz https://i.imgur.com/hsiachu.png
258/45 Exile ST https://i.imgur.com/Oau7ukJ.png
Enigma Russet https://i.imgur.com/SI9P5iv.png
Perf BerBer COA https://i.imgur.com/1kXTP1h.png
Spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/vsPdLUX.png
10fcr/20str/33life/5mana/8fr/22pr ring https://i.imgur.com/3xEmV22.png
Perf Raven "wing" gfx
Perf BK "wing" gfx
Perf Dungos https://i.imgur.com/Ji9YOuV.png
20ias/3ll/10CB/97ED/16life/30LR/HFD Gloves https://i.imgur.com/yMLfvuR.png
6/6/4/3/3/3 CTA https://i.imgur.com/oFGUTmQ.png
BO Spirit https://i.imgur.com/2XDlZJj.png
trangs gloves https://i.imgur.com/vNK06KL.png
vex vex coa https://i.imgur.com/NNzKjSI.png
-25/20/189 griifs https://i.imgur.com/7ZlQM59.png
foh stick https://i.imgur.com/VzDc8YE.png
p arach https://i.imgur.com/RS6C0QX.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/FV8FyiB.png
cr stack ST https://i.imgur.com/hOzw2Pm.png
shako https://i.imgur.com/FQ8x7Us.png
kira's https://i.imgur.com/Eyi3REB.png
20/16 "wing" wisp https://i.imgur.com/sCooyJQ.png
20/19 "wing" wisp https://i.imgur.com/qwBQU8p.png

10x 20/5 "football" https://i.imgur.com/BjNhlAS.png
20/20/25 pally torch https://i.imgur.com/8RaqFO3.png
9x 45 life pcomb "eye" https://i.imgur.com/J3mP8TI.png
panni https://i.imgur.com/ZgZ7tcH.png

Blizz Sorc
Rune Slippers https://i.imgur.com/T89oKbx.png
2x soj https://i.imgur.com/HnqqyT8.png
arach https://i.imgur.com/t8Lpi3S.png
3 Blizz 15/15/15 Ormus https://i.imgur.com/jZblEUt.png
15/20/9/91 nightwings https://i.imgur.com/6hzw206.png
30/35/38 fathom https://i.imgur.com/XuNrUYt.png
perf spirit mon https://i.imgur.com/SM6wUzw.png
2sorc/10fcr/29str/45life/15 all res amulet https://i.imgur.com/saPua8u.png - 500fg c.o
6/6/4/3/3/3/271 cta staff https://i.imgur.com/BrJP8Mt.png
frosties https://i.imgur.com/Mz4Q3AY.png
30frw/10fghr/33mana/32lr/34fr boots https://i.imgur.com/GBxWTa4.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/XED71Fx.png
Upped Vmagi https://i.imgur.com/7DyUBBv.png
20/12 wisp https://i.imgur.com/IOr0UNe.png
10fcr/35 life/83 mana/19cr ring https://i.imgur.com/dGNSMuG.png
10fcr/2str/52life/12lr ring https://i.imgur.com/DUQe3sG.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/cnIFoWn.png

*UNPERM* 16x bmanas
9x 40life cold gcs "dna" gfx https://i.imgur.com/C5rT8wY.png
2x 12fhr cold gcs "dna" gfx https://i.imgur.com/JRJCOR8.png

eth fort archon plate https://i.imgur.com/VtZjoep.png
eth infinity CV https://i.imgur.com/Xa52a6o.png
Dream Bone Visage https://i.imgur.com/qZ7toi4.png

2 sin/30ias/1mb/2df/3ls/2os GT with 1x 15ias/15all res + 1x 7fhr/4rep/15mana/10all res jewel https://i.imgur.com/quYytNH.png
2 sin/2df/3ls GT with 2x 7fhr/4rep/15mana/10all res jewel https://i.imgur.com/DNK0JYo.png
775 Enigma Wyrm https://i.imgur.com/BuDa8x0.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/UX3lyUe.png
25dex/90ed/126def sdancers https://i.imgur.com/SVGghuK.png
25dex/70ed/122def sdancers https://i.imgur.com/uwKTqwp.png
cham griffs https://i.imgur.com/ElhQ4xL.png
lo griffs https://i.imgur.com/bLq8Tdz.png
759 Enigma Of Durress RM https://i.imgur.com/io5tFDM.png
775 Enigma RM https://i.imgur.com/ZlkvVOO.png
2/18fcr/32 life ammy https://i.imgur.com/fDaSsyk.png
10fcr/5str/26life/30cr/20lr ring https://i.imgur.com/ycVFJAk.png
10fcr/94ar/20str/39life/3mana/14fr ring https://i.imgur.com/V40DWOR.png
138 arach https://i.imgur.com/uorcRPa.png
6/6/3/294 cta twin axe https://i.imgur.com/8hRWAXm.png
bo spirit https://i.imgur.com/I4lWA7Y.png
10fcr/110ar/25life/28lr ring https://i.imgur.com/93p7Lww.png
10fcr/19str/50life ring https://i.imgur.com/sHSDzkx.png

44/43/42/42/42/42/41/41/41 unmatching trap gcs (listed in order of ss) https://i.imgur.com/NfTYsR1.png
2x 20/5 coin
2x 20/11 cr coin
2x 20/11 cr football
6x 20/11 lr coin
4x 20/11 fr coin
1x 20/11 fr paw
1x 20/11 fr football
1x 5fhr/11 cr paw
1x 5fhr/11 lr paw

eth fort shadow plate https://i.imgur.com/SRoXwzd.png
eth infinity great poleaxe https://i.imgur.com/aKaHRJI.png
eth giant skull... with flawed? gem https://i.imgur.com/ulIlCXn.png

2/20/60life/15all res/1os circ with 20life/15res jewel https://i.imgur.com/iLUtLdW.png
2pally/20fcr/50life/19mana amulet https://i.imgur.com/CBTu3jS.png
775 Enigma GP https://i.imgur.com/TdJUMP6.png
3combat/3conc/3hammer war scepter with 2x 20life/15res https://i.imgur.com/uSZjyQo.png
35fcr/45 all res/107 mana/7absorb spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/CBKiBLc.png
65 life ww https://i.imgur.com/uf5mIGf.png
10fcr/15str/15dex/89mana/10all res ring https://i.imgur.com/d5GYvnu.png
perf arach https://i.imgur.com/V4Vy3x3.png
perf bk https://i.imgur.com/Z210iQa.png
trangs https://i.imgur.com/gzKV0Jt.png
6/6/2/3conv/3foh cta https://i.imgur.com/XGYPI63.png
bo spirit ST https://i.imgur.com/lfbsQkm.png
30/15/386 berber coa https://i.imgur.com/8pa1gvU.png
394/40 griefz https://i.imgur.com/iiy2N3k.png
40 hoto https://i.imgur.com/YuwXrIn.png
raven scarab wiz https://i.imgur.com/4PXvZKJ.png
70/94 kiras https://i.imgur.com/KQi3VGk.png
lr stack ST https://i.imgur.com/xEerXGw.png
40/15/107/13 dungos https://i.imgur.com/SN44DgT.png
tgods https://i.imgur.com/VP3o3oU.png
769 Enigma of Duress FPM https://i.imgur.com/oBOGVlv.png
Upped Hotspurs https://i.imgur.com/TuBXbF4.png
141 shako Jah
5% bk wing
soj wing
20/19 wisp wing
228/20 raven orange
perf maras star

43/42/40 "monster" pcomb
42/40/40 "dna" pcomb
43/42/41 "eye" pcomb
6x 18/5 football
4x 19/5 football
20/20/5 anni
20/20/5 pally torch
1x 12% fhr pcomb "eye"

Eth Fort Hellforge Plate https://i.imgur.com/HwcSxrp.png
400% ebotd WP https://i.imgur.com/jCgGcdd.png
andy's visage ral'd https://i.imgur.com/etr2Orm.png

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20/19/25 Btorch
20/20/8 anni
34x 3/20/20 paw
4x 36/20 paw
4x 36/20 coin
4x 5/3/20 coin
1x 451 paw


43/42/40 "monster" pcomb
42/40/40 "dna" pcomb
43/42/41 "eye" pcomb
6x 18/5 football
4x 19/5 football
20/20/5 anni
20/20/5 pally torch
1x 12% fhr pcomb "eye"


Im interested in the barb and hammerdin inventories forsure.

Are you trying to sell them as whole characters?


Interested in both of these as well if sold seperate:

10fcr/2str/52life/12lr ring https://i.imgur.com/DUQe3sG.png

2druid/10fhr/3nado/3volcano/2hunger/108HP/10fr pelt (2x p ruby) https://i.imgur.com/HqiJBra.png


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