7x btals , 33+ bmana , ( rest expired )

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LetsFPS@other site . Gone for 7 years, I cant keep my chars from expiring , alredy lost a full sorc ( forensicz btals, 16x bmana, fletch ) so instead of the items expire I decided to sell, otherwise I wouldnt sell because they have emotional meaning to me.

I need to check all my list but from top of my head i have :

Forensicz btals * expired *
Grandfathers btals
Metroids btals
sV-charsi ( verses @ pa tested it )
Unamed btals ( from verses @ pa )
Unamed btals ( cant recall from who but i can look it up )

61x+ bmanas ( 29x expired so like 33 left)


Undertows gchaos and Gfury

131 Legit valk

2x123 Perm valk ( deep's and pixel's )

3x Fletch

1x Sscirc

Storm hide

gspurs,sshanks, viper tramps

And charms and rares I have to check but ill post a complete list later.

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