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Help me decide on a build

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Though I don't have a lot of time to play much of anything right now, I would like to at least get started on something. I have been wanting to delve into this game for a long time.


Looking for ideas on character builds to try. Actually some links to help with the game, what the point is, and what I should be doing would be very nice.


I typically play healers, or caster DPS if no heals needed in these types of games.

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There isn't much direct heal, but plenty of support style builds. Also plenty of caster DPS builds and hybrid versions of caster and support. Many options, let's narrow it down.


How to deliver damage? Self cast, spell totem(s), traps (that you throw), or proc spells a on critical strike with an attack?


Preferred spell style?  Either projectiles released from you, totems, or traps, or area of effect skill targeting/channeling.


Any preferred damage type? Fire burns, cold chills and freezes, lightning shocks (enemies take increased dmg when shocked), chaos is immune to reflect, or physical damage, which stuns?


Hardcore or softcore? I play HC almost exclusively but would suggest that you play a SC temporary league to learn the game. I will guide you to a more HC style of build if you want.


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I would say to narrow down from your lists it would be self cast or totems, projectiles or totems, fire or cold. I assume that most of the playstyles are similar in damage dealing, so whichever one "feels" more powerful. Like in D2, frost/fire nova didn't really hit very hard but it looked bad ass. I assume in that vein fire via direct casting would probably make more sense.

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One of the most noob friendly builds in the game is http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Flame_Totem

Totems stay between you and the enemies, they auto target and fire flame projectiles at their targets.


There is a skill similar to D2's Blizzard called Icestorm and a fire version of it, Firestorm. Almost all spells can be used as self cast or totems.


There are many skill gems


Almost all of them are viable end game options, look through the list and point out what peaks your interest.

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