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What is Path of Exile?

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Path of Exile as an online ARPG inspired by the Diablo franchise. PoE is entirely free to play and generates funds through cosmetic-only microtransactions. There are no pay-to-win elements.

1.0 was released in October of 2013, after lengthy closed and open beta testing. The game has received several major expansions since this time and is one of the most played ARPG games today.

Path of Exile can be downloaded freely via a standalone client, or through Steam.

It presently holds a metacritic score of 86.



Path of exile features:

Hack-and-slash ARPG gameplay inspired by Diablo 1 and 2.

Randomly generated indoor and outdoor areas, endgame maps, and labyrinths.

An expansive and complex skill tree, as well as smaller class-based "ascendancy" skill trees. (Similar to that of Final Fantasy X.)

A skill gem system designed to allow heavy customization of skill mechanics.

Challenge leagues lasting 3-4 months that introduce new content and mechanics. Challenge league characters and items roll into parent leagues once ended.

Race seasons that reward alternate art unique items based on performance.

Party play up to 8 members. 1v1, free-for-all, and team based player-vs-player combat.

Currency items that are designed around crafting. No traditional vendor gold. Trading forums and in-game trade chat channels.

Much more.






See you in Wraeclast.


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