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Work continues this weekend


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Now that my daughter is living with me and everything is back to some kind of normal, I am going to start working on the site again this weekend.

I am going to try and finish TS3 integration and get the Book-A-Server system running. These 2 things are the ones that I am most excited about so I am going to focus on those.

I have no illusions that the site is going to become popular again, but since it already has a lot of content and members I am using it as a base for all the stuff I am doing. I am likely going to be playing Overwatch and CSGO for the most part, as I miss playing FPS games. I might get into some WoW, PoE, D3, and maybe even a little D2 for some nostalgia fun, but as my playtime is limited I don't expect to get into any of those hardcore.

Also, since my daughter plays a lot of games as well, we are going to be hosting a Twitch stream with our matches, and it should be funny to watch. More to come on that later.

Anyway, I really love where the site is now, so the intent is to just keep adding cool new stuff and maybe people will hang out again.



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