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$100+ Godly circlets for sale! Necro, Barb, Pally, Sin!!

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2nec/20fcr/30frw/59life/6all res/2os diadem - $140

2nec/20fcr/30frw/83ed/58life/2os diadem - $100

2barb/visionary/1natural res/3bo/1find item/7energy/10life/2os white savage helm - $120

2sin/20fcr/30frw/visionary/24str/2os diadem - $90

2pal/visionary/3ml/22str/14dex/2os diadem - $70

2pal/30frw/visionary/17dex/29life/2os diadem - $40

Prices are firm

W/U + fees on your side.


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