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tankie is finally quitting

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So yeah, i havent been active at all here, let alone on diablo in quite a while

would like to get some things sold =)

Hybrid sin (No bin, as I do not know current cash values)

Selling whole

2sin/20fcr/30str/30life/14res base (Jewels are 10min/60ar/30ed/3life)

2sin/3ls/fools/2mindblast/1venom Runic Talons

9x 45s monster

10x 20/5s

p torch

3ls/3mb/2ven runic fury

3/3/3 340 suwayyah chaos

2/20/50+life/res ammy

Dualstat fcr ar life ring

P raven

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400/40/15/3 Grief Pb

399/30/15 coa (Cham/ber)


10/93ar/4str/13dex/56life/30%pr ring

10/112ar/23str/53life ring

40/15/13 Dungos

9x 45 life eye pcombs

10x 20/5 bmana gfx

20/19/9 anni

20/20P torch

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