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123 perm valk

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metalgearsolid3 > wikodsfan > slyfox672004 > deval1

ive had my valk 2 years i duel with it a lot really

what my iso is a btal must have gg history ty

id concider trading my valk for a btal

o and its unnamed i never named it

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These forums are d2 game items for $$ not items for items....

not to say your wrong or anything...but my understanding was that this was for item trades, and

http://www.dtrades.org/index.php?showforum=115 are for $$ trades, I mean your the mod so its more then likely I'm wrong but why have 2 separate forums for the same thing if that's the case?

Soft core non-ladder trading are items for items and the dbay cash is well obviously for items verse $.

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