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Looking for a soild gaming keyboard


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Razer blackwidow. you can get it for 50$, ultimate edition (only usb, backlight and headphone/mic ports extra compared to regular) for 100$

best upgrade you can get.

if you don't like razer look into any mechanical keyboards. steelseries have a few but i don't like the switches takes too much pressure to register compared to the blackwidow.

if blackwidow is too loud for you look into the blackwidow ultimate stealth edition its slightly more expensive

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thx, black widow looks like what im looking for

if you have a bit more money to spend look at the filco keyboards you have a wider choice.


these costs around the same as the black widow ultimate although its features are with the blackwidow ultimate

difference is these are much higher quality built (not that the blackwidow is lacking in anyway) you also have a choice of which switch you like.

there are different types of switches (Cherry MX red, brown, blue, black) each have different actuation force and tactile feedback.

look into each of the different type of switches and look at what suits your needs. heavier keys, clicky sound, tactile feedback.. etc

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