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Easy Iso List

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hey guys, starting to play some d2 again and i need some items.

looking to make a mf light sorc and hammerdin

i have a little fg on this site but not any good itemsyet to trade. i could also use a grush/lvling if anyone would be so kind. trying to put together the light sorc first since it should be cheaper.

light sorc iso:

tal armor/ tal ammy/ tal belt

p topazed shako or any shako to start

isted occy or any occy


war travs

2x mf rings (it's been like 4 years lol so i forgot the names) -- nagel rings maybe?

lidless shield( i think it's called this)

cheap anni ( prefer higher res/xp than stats)

cheap sorc torch 13+/13+

high mf% gheeds

merc gear:

eth cryptic axe or CV infinity( i know this is expensive but will get it sooner or later)

forget the names of the helm/armor i want but anything descent will do to start


wizard spike (preferably with good jewel in it)

35%FCR sacred targe spirit with 40+ res

mp enigma(prefer non sup)

shako(jah'd or ber'd)




cta( don't need to start)


2x sojs or bks( idk if there is any duped/non perm shit on ladder but i DO NOT want anything like that)

some booties as well


eth ca or cv insight

armor/helm for him too

i really could use any of this stuff free if anyone could help me out since i am just starting up. i have no friends(that still play that i know of) and any help/items would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance anyone.

/w *mulletcaptain if you want to. ^_^

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