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Multiple characters and TONS of gear for sale

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Dont really have the time to list everything here, but I have an absolute ton of gear I want to get rid of, most of it for cheap. Some basic stuff such as COA's, Rends, ETreks, and such, but I also have a lot of lifer GCS, Life/Res SC's, Slipps, 32020s, 2/3/2/life pelts, and so on. Send me an email if youre interested in taking a look/need anything in specific. My email will be posted at the bottom of this post. Here are the characters I have:



-Hybrid Sin

-FC Zon


-Ele Druid

-FB Sorc


Along with full gear for many, many other characters, but just isnt organized. If you are looking to start playing again, or are just looking for relatively cheap (25$ish) characters, let me know and I can try to arrange something for you. Send me an email for the quickest response.

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