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From: Don's E3 2011 Thread

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I think it would've been awesomely cool if they made the wiiu into an actual hand held as well. i.e. make a hand held version of skyward sword but make it so there are side quests and maybe even a completely different (but related plotline)

they could've hit it big if they had done that. just imagine being able to integrate a handheld pokemon game and then connect it to your wiiu and then doing a whole bunch of other shit with the pokemon you caught in game etc.

although it would be similar to say pokemon stadium and connecting your cartridge to the game it's still a nifty idea that they should've expanded upon.

They did have a little footage on things such as playing Zelda on the big screen and the Wii U controller was displaying the weapon selection screen while resting on the players lap.

One of the G4 reps asked Reggie about it after the show, he said they didn't want to compete with themselves by turning it into a handheld as well (the 3DS hasn't sold as well as they predicted) and additionally it would have run up the cost.

Don't plan on buying a Gears of War title second hand (if that's what you were implying.) The devs are one of the strongest supporters of everyone buying their game new, thus penalizing second hand owners with one-time usage DLC codes on launch, whose content should have been included on the disc. (I wouldn't suggest buying a Gears of War title at all...)

Well then perhaps I will not buy it at all.

You should buy BF3 for PC and we will rock.

STILL need to build a new pc/buy a laptop...

Need to finally pull the trigger has really never come up.

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