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The following mods are here to help you moderate dbay trades:




Beware selling to, or buying from, members who are "Awaiting Validation".

You can view a member's member status below their names. Our dbay mod staff is currently very light, and we dont have the time to ip check every validating member's ips on every topic. In taking this step with member validation we're basically giving newly registered members a free 14 days to post while we run ip and background checks on them. This means you could be trading with ex members like Cityhall, Ashton, Warning, or many of the other infamous scammers of the past.

Leaving these members in the "Awaiting Validation" rank is a tool to help our dbay members spot them and make their own decisions wheather to trade with them or not. This is for your protection members, and this is your warning. Be very weary of dbay / paypal / money related trades with "Awaiting Validation" members.

We're asking for your help in moving these members into member status. If trades do not go smoothly with validating members, if they scam, if they spam, if they're all around the type of person we dont want, the scammers accusation thread needs to hear about it.

Helpful Hints To Help Prevent You From Being Scammed:


1.) Always use a moderator for cash trades! Staff members are here to help, but please be patient when requesting assistance from a moderator. Try to set up a time to do the trade that is convenient for all parties involved (including the moderator).

2.) Be sure you know who you're trading with. It isn't unheard of for scammers to impersonate members of good standing on other forums.

3.) Don't be stupid! Beware of accounts that suddenly become very active in dBay after being inactive for an extended period of time. Also be wary of new members (sorry to all you new guys with good intentions) suddenly trying to dump all sorts of perm items.

4.) It can't hurt to acquire the phone number of the person who you are trading and speak to them directly concerning the sale. This will also allow you to have a way to contact the member in case problems arise.

5.) Be wary of people selling perm items which share stats with commonly duped items (i.e. bugged tals, 08 valks, etc)

Payment Methods:

6.) PayPal - Beware, charge backs are very common when dealing with non-tangible (virtual) items. If you take this route be sure you trust the other member of the trade.

7.) Western Union - The fees can be quite steep and I've heard reports of people having bad experiences with customer service.

8.) Money Order - Must be mailed and can can be cancelled/revoked unless they are cashed at a postal office. The post office will verify the legitimacy of the money order on site unlike a bank who may remove the funds from your account if the money order does not go through.

9.) MoneyGram - Requires identification to receive funds, may be the safest way to sell virtual items.

PayPal Trades:

10.) Check if the member you are trading with is PayPal verified. Though this doesn't mean that they won't rip you off, it does mean that they jumped through at least a couple hoops when setting up their PayPal account. Use the following link by changing 'email' to the email address of the user who you are sending money to or receiving money from. https://www.paypal.com/us/verified/pal=email

Item "Testing":

11.) Leaving a game without temp perming is a way to test if an item is duped, but it is not fool proof. Items will only "poof" if they 'clash' with an item that has the same hidden identification code. I (IAmNumbaOne) have had items disappear after entering and exiting thousands of games. Though this is extremely rare it is possible if only a few copies of an item were made. For your own sake do not take a few non-perming save and exits as proof of an items legitimacy.


12.) If a history is given try to verify the history of the item from everyone on the history list.

13.) If the item is named be sure to find out who named it and if they have had the name in their possession since it was named.

Bulk Trades:

14.) If you are trading a large amount of items try to keep them on as few characters as possible. Doing this minimizes the amount of screen shots you will have to take and the amount of organization you will have to do. It also decreases the likelihood of something going wrong (i.e temp ban, realm down, etc) which may cause unneeded stress for both parties.


If you are using paypal to recieve your payment please take the following steps to protect yourself.

* Demand the user send the paypal payment as a personal gift. Paypal will not allow chargebacks of personal gifts.

* Always check to see if the payment was sent as a gift. If it was sent in any other fashion, immediatly refund the transaction and start over. If the member refuses to use a personal gift as a payment method, pm a moderator or admin to settle the dispute.

* Always use a moderator for paypal trades.


Finding a location near you

www.Moneygram.com Type in your zip code and they will give you a list of locations to send/receive money near you

How it works

To send money you can either go to a location near your or do it online. All you need is the persons name and state. You have a choice or sending it instant (Cost more but gets there in 10 mins) or 3 day (Saves you money).

To put up the money you go to a location near you, Fill out the receive money from. You will need the name of the person thats sending it, how much there sending, what state there sending it from, A picture id, and a confirmation number that the sender will give you once the money has been sent.

Thats about it, pretty simple and safe. Feel free to add anything i left out.

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