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Anyone ever had a Samsung laptop? (share your experience with them)

im looking at these 2:



those prices are canadian dollars and stuff is usally more money here

i3 with 512mb dedicated n i5 with 1gb dedicated only differnece ive seen. for 100 bucks more

another question i had was when hooking the laptop hdmi to hdmi hdtv (37in samsung) does it matter if i need the bigger video card?


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I don't know much about Samsung laptops. My 4-5 year old HP Pavilion has a 256mb dedicated gpu and I plug it into my 56" hdtv and it does a fine job of playing movies and surfing the net. If you want to play some graphically demanding games on the highest resolution possible I would go for the 1gb card...When it comes to memory on GPU's for laptops I kind of figure it is better to have too much than not enough...because there is no upgrading.

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