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looks clean...

Just wondering, does the antenna gating problem happen with all iphone4s or just some?

I was at the apple store today, and tried it and nothing happened. Does it only happen inside a call or do you have to grip it for a while before noticing?

I was holding it for a good 30 seconds blocking the antenna area, and nothing happened.

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The antenna problem is/was blown way out of proportion.

I am a communicator in the military, so i work around a lot of RF and Antenna's.

I know that the human body is a great conductor...so when we touch any type of electronic device (especially one that emits signal) we are absorbing some of that radiation.

All phones have some type of reception issue when the human body blocks the antenna (ie: hand)

The iPhone4 has been skylined because its antenna design is on the outside and is very visible.

The only time I can get it to show reception loss is when I cup my iPhone and block about 80-90% of the antenna band connecting all the antenna radiating elements.

If you have ANY type of case (ie: insulator, does not conduct) on your iPhone this will mitigate the reception loss (like any phone) but you cannot achieve zero reception loss unless you set the phone down and do not touch it.

My 2cents.

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