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Overwhelming Lag.


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I have a decent computer I built myself 2 years ago.

pentium core 2 duo

geforce 8800 gfx card

4gb ram

plenty of disc space

I run World of Warcraft at 180 fps in raids (i dont really raid tho)

arena about 225ish on high medium settings

I just installed diablo the other day because I plan on quitting every mmo once d3 comes out and going hardcore on that.

I installed off of battle.net with cd keys

I tried to get a resolution program so I dont have to run at 8XX/XXX or w/e it is, that didnt work so i deleted it.

I'm currently reinstalling maybe that program messed up something? but other than that im clueless my internet connection is decent enough to play anything at a semi professional level.

Any input would be nice thanks guys.

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prlly bad install i torrented a copy (using legit cd keys) because my other version was installed from battle.net seems to be working better.

I dont understand why In WoW i can get 190+ fps but in diablo 2 that i used to run a an emachine with 56k AOL connection i lag....ugh

Instead of torrenting a copy, make a battle.net account and put in your d2 keys they will let you download a legit copy of d2, the dl will go faster than torrents.

my usual torrent speed is about 200-300kb/s with about 20-30 seeds and atleast 40 peers, when I ddl i get 1.2mb/s. I've only hit past 1mb on torrents for like 30 seconds with like 100 seeds..

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