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*** My Characters/Gear For Sale ***

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Trying this again, since I still have a bunch of godlies left over for sale.

I just dropped another $300 on server upgrades, and I would like to recoup that plus another $500 for a new game server to be used with bookaserver.com. I have all the stuff below and will be posting some computer hardware in For Sale/Trade as well.

All on East Non Ladder. Not looking to squeak out every last dollar I can, but a good offer would be very helpful.

If the character is not linked to another thread, that means I do not have a post up for it yet.

- FB Sorc (40k meteor/22k fball/205fcr) http://www.postabout.com/index.php?showtopic=421010

- PvP Smiter (does 3600 or so smite)

- PvP Zealot (does 10k zeal)

- Trapper (does 13k traps)

- Hammerdin (does almost 17k hamms)

- Foherdin

- Cold Sorc (have used gear for blizz and orb)

- Miscellaneous Gear (to be listed as I do inventory)

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once I get some time to get the characters posted I will link them above...no need to ask me for a list, I simply have not had time to finish all of this yet. I am getting there as soon as I can though.

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