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***** FS: Most of my empire to benefit the site *****

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I have decided to unload most of my characters so that I can buy some new hardware.

amount of money needed for goal: $1650

I will be happy to show gear in game to SERIOUS buyers.

you will be paying by money order or western union. this is NOT negotiable. I cannot afford to have this money taken back from me after I spend it on hardware, and this gear is waaaaay too valuable to lose it to one of the chuckleheads that will inevtiably try to scam me. this is not a trust issue, this is just the way it is.


foherdin - bin is $250:

3/3 stick

perfect griff

arma slippers

35/111/45 res spirit sacred targe

86 def double upped bloodfists

perf arach

2x legit soj

perfect eth treks

9x 45 lifer pcombats

perf anni

perf torch

10x 20/17

6/6/4 hs cta

perfect eth upped hoz

merc with eth infinity/eth glitched coh/eth andys


upcoming characters:

10k zealot with legit charms and very nice gear

205 fcr fballer 20k/40k damage 45 lifers and perfect gear

blizz sorc with permed btals (my prized possession, originally owned by Ashton from sv-) and 27x permed bmanas

17k hammerdin with 211 ghako and godly ammy and all perfect godly gear

_possible_ lovelies being sold seperately, depending on how the character sales pan out:

211 legit ghasko (only one in entire game)

+2 pally/20fcr ammy with life/mana/all res/mana regen (effing gooooodly)

196 legit glitched hoz

100% perfect spirit sacred targe

permed btals

permed bmanas

current offers:

ghsako $450 (soad) (bin is $600)

bmanas $20 each (ext) (bin is $25)

btals $270 (magno) (bin has been met, waiting to see if any further interest)

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bins and offers have been updated at the bottom of the first post.

I have to gather $1650 to do all the upgrades I want. offers get me ~$1200 towards it.

I intend to keep the offers going until I have met the other $450 I need from other sales. when that happens I will close at whatever the offer is on each item.

since it's obvious nobody wants to buy full characters I am just going to post a list of items WHEN I HAVE TIME. this means don't pm me or post here asking for a list of gear, since I just answered that.

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