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**** Shop/Bulk Sellers: Find somewhere else to sell *****

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I am going to be making a strong push to shut down all these types of shops and bulk posts from now on.

since everyone likes to ask me what I think a shop or bulk post is so they can skirt this rule and get away with as much as they can, here is my new rule on this:

if I think it's a shop or bulk post, it will be closed.

arbitrary yes, sorry, but I am shutting down all the shop and bulk posts from now on. if you want a shop, make a web site and pay for advertising on google like I do.

these types of posts are undermining my ability to finance this site's continued operation. and since NONE of you have offered up some coin to pay me for your ability to profit, I don't see why I should allow you to continue.

if your post has been closed, I will not re-open it or allow a repost. DO NOT pm me to argue with me about it. you didn't pm me to ask if it was ok, and the no bulk/shop post rule has been here since day 1.

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