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General Discussion Forum Rules

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Click here for the Official Forum Rules:


General D2 Discussion Rules and Guidelines:

These are rules that you MUST follow when posting character guides or any other guides in this forum.

  • Stealing other peoples guides and putting your name on them will not be allowed, you will recieve a warning , if not a banning.
  • Post only useful and truthful guides. Posting guides that suck on purpose is not welcome.
  • Post them in the right spot. Make sure you post the guides in the correct character forum.


These are rules that you are to follow when posting threads - no exceptions.

  • Before you even post a question, first check the Compiled Help Topic, located here. If you still can't find the answer, use the Search function. Only when you have not found the answer after doing both of these things can you post. If you do not follow this, your thread will be closed, and you will receive a verbal warning. If you do it again, you will be warned.
  • When you post a thread, try to make it as specific as possible. Threads that aren't specific enough are subject to be closed.
  • Please try to place your topic in the correct forum.
  • All answered threads will be closed to avoid spam


  • Bump only once every 2 hours if neccessary, when doing this please use the bump button, failure to comply to this rule will result in a warning.
  • Do not bump any threads that are over 2 weeks old, these are considered dead topics and will result in a warning.


  • No Bot/Hack/3rd Party Program discussion. We do not support bots or hacks here, regardless of who uses them. This includes any and all bots, Maphack, Pickit, Stealthbot, etc. If you think you shouldn't be posting or asking about it, you probably shouldn't.
  • No threads about things that have already been explained. See the previous rules on how to post if you're lost.
  • I think this goes without saying, but no flaming. Zero tolerance for flaming. You flame, you're warned.
  • If a question has already been answered, DO NOT continue to answer it with the same answer someone has already given. Don't post answers like, "I think it's this, but I'm not sure..." either. If you have something intelligent to add that hasn't been posted yet, go right ahead.

For all other rules and guidelines for the site, please visit the following link.


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