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in order to cut back on the amount of scams that were at one time plaguing this site, I have instituted a number of checks and changes.

it now takes up to a week for me to process and approve or deny your registration request.

this is to allow me enough time to check your e-mail address, IP address, ISP, and other info about you against a database of known problems.

there is no way for me to 100% keep all the bad people out, but I think we have made some major improvements in this area.

this helps you along with every other member here, so your patience is appreciated.

during this time, please DO NOT attempt to register multiple accounts. having more than 1 account here is a bannable offense for all accounts. there are exceptions to this rule, but you need to contact me IN ADVANCE of creating a second account for approval.


you can now view all of the forums on this site besides the Diablo trading forums. this is to keep out the anonymous cowards who like to prey on people and scam them for their pixels.

once you are approved, you will automatically be unlocked to view the rest of the site, as well as play in the arcade.

if for some reason you are not approved, read the e-mail that is automatically sent to you. if you do not receive this e-mail, it's because you entered a bad e-mail address (and subsequently why you were not approved), so try again with a valid one.

thanks for visiting, and hope to see you become an active part of this community very soon!

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