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  1. bigb

  2. rather large list ft.

    35fcr spirit ST 45 res base how much fg or hr for this?!?
  3. Cain's PM

    What up guys? That pm was touching. D3 will be the resurrection of this site. I know that is the only game I am waiting for to come out.
  4. Bobble's LvLing Services

    I am looking for 2 seperate grushes
  5. Iso Grush

    I have fg and runewords. Please tell me what you want for a grush.
  6. I am back

    Nah all my old accounts expired my new one is b1gb i should be running a hammerdin as soon as i get a grush
  7. I am back

    How has everybody been. Liking the new site.
  8. i grush

    I need a grush I have fg and some runwords i am lookings to get two chars g rushed
  9. 10,000 POST THREAD

    omg vagina hole
  10. Absolut / Vashts are coming back!

    ewwwwwww its Nate the Great! howdy? welcome back Vash and Absolut! i remember you back from brooks site.

    haven't seen you in AGES! hope things are going well. mentos
  12. New Gaming Rig Plans

    i really think im just going to get the 8800gts, id like to have a decent gfx card to last me for the newer games.
  13. New Gaming Rig Plans

    the 7900gs was what i originally had in mind, few revies/forums/friends later i changed my mind. i cant view that wishlist for some reason, can you plz post it here?
  14. New Gaming Rig Plans

    Case Motherboard PSU CPU or CPU CPU Cooler w/ Fan or CPU Cooler or CPU Cooler Video Card Memory Hard drive Just got a job for the summer, i'm working full time, so the money is pretty sexy. the computer will be used for playing WoW, internet, music, movies and the like. ive been looking into building a computer for quite some time now, so the parts weren't just picked at random. im pretty sure on just about everything, except the following: Case: will room be an issue? maybe i should go w/ antec 900? or other? CPU: e6420 and e6600 aren't too MUCH of a difference in price, which should i got with? should i wait for july 22 when the e6x50's become available? q6600? CPU heatsink: ultra 120 doesnt have fan, so id have to buy one, which costs more money. not really sure which fan to get? i'm a beginner to OC'n, so, id just be doin a mild overclock if any..