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  1. I just totaled my car

    that sucks man. about 2 years ago me and my buddy were driving home late and drunk and slammed into a pole doing 83, its a long story to say that we only knew we were going that fast because the cop chasing us radard us, but he did. i posted the pics up on here way back, pole indented right through the engine and it dropped out the bottom, our lucky asses waslked away with a couple cracked ribs.
  2. Another cool game

    mass snipers ftw, lvl 60 something i lost track, lil to drunk
  3. Pregnancy.

    LoL so you're advertising that abortion should only be made available to women UNDER a certain age? no thats not what im saying at all. i think that if a woman is able to carry a child through all 9 months of pregnancy aboption should be a viable option. However abortion should always be there for women who dont want to carry hat baby for the 9 months (1st trimester abortions). And abortion should always be used for women under a certain age for the reasons i ahve said before. You have a bad habit of not really throughly reading my posts and just throwing out assumptions. Next time you respond to my posts, can you please actually read some of my other opinions/posts instead of just picking out one part and try to turn it around? Doesnt really work. " " agree, i dont think any non-legal adult should be able to bring another life into the world, most people, including myself, cant even completely care for themselves on their own so how the hell are they supposed to care for another life on top of it.
  4. Pregnancy.

    A buddy of mine had this problem, and ended up winning her over to get an abortion with the arguement of, "were so young that even if you do keep this kid, its life is going to be horrible while making ours horrible, you wont be able to go and do what you want with your life, your kid is going to be underprivilaged and not really have a great childhood like it would if you waited" but really its sorta hit or miss with girls, if she wants to keep it you rfucked, but i dont really feel bad for ya man, they make condoms for a fuckin reason. and p.s man, next time this happens that you dont exactly get out in time, go to a planned parenthood or some type of association like that in you area and get a morning after pill.
  5. Crazy Skateboard fall

    hes lucky he landed how he did... his legs broke most of the fall, but more importantly they broke it while still bending the way there supposed to bend, lol...
  6. What drives people to use race card so

    society is fucked end of story.
  7. First paycheck =D

    i get paid 13.68/hr on avg about 48 hours a week, but work 6 day, time and a half on sunday plus since im labeled as a part time worker i get overtime for anything over 40 gotta love cool uncles who get you sick jobs haha btw i know 13.68 isnt a crapppp load, but it is for being right out of highschool with no training for the job and no expenses
  8. Your Future Career paths

    hey! If you put your mind to it, anything can happen. Don't turn down other peoples dreams as impossible just because you think they are out of reach. I 100% Agree with you but its NOT gonna happen, harsh reality. Here's a test, go ask your parents " Hey Mom and Dad what did you want to be growing up?" Report your findings. Some of your parents reached their goals/ambitions most didn't. "History repeats itself" And no offense to anyone here but we are talking on a D2 FORUM. These people are playing a game thats been around 7 years. These are just average ppl/kids who will end up with average - decent jobs , maybe 2 ppl of this forum will become a doctor or a lawyer. and how do you conclude this? through your extensive research i presume?
  9. Your Future Career paths

    Civil Engineer
  10. Girls...

    If I hear one more hot fucking skinny chick say that she thinks she is ugly or fat when its obvious she isnt im gonna start shoving twinkes down that bitches throat.
  11. Harry potter

    You could buy my ticket and I wouldn't go. cool you hate every movie, no one cares

    wasnt it friggin NUTS.... seriously this movie is insane... if you go to the theaters see it, its one of the few movies in a long time thats actually worth the 10 bucks

    well unless you ask a bunch of action packed hating sappy love story loving women... i dont see how you could get a bad review...

    if i go to the theaters again, im seeing this again