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  1. Happy Ten Juna Day!

    Came by to say good to see it back up. I knew there were many technical problems back then but i didnt know about your divorce. Hope youre doing better. I remember back then someone posted a picture of your face(unbeknownst to me) and i said i didnt like that face. Mini note: the link in the email does not work.
  2. i need 1! lols. in before the rage
  3. ISO: 1 d2 classic cd key

    I have 1 classic cd key and 2 expansions, I need 1 diablo 2 classic cd key in order to play.
  4. looking for a diablo II account

    Seems I need 2 of each key. So is it safe to buy used diablo ii classic cd key online or should i buy it new (battlechest) Unless someone here want to sell me theirs
  5. looking for a diablo II account

    I see so if I have 1 classic key and 2 expansion keys, I cannot play on battlent?
  6. looking for a diablo II account

    Hey, not sure where to post this exactly but I'm looking for an account/key I can play on, my friend and I want to play single player together, but we can't get tcp/ip to work and I lost one of my cd keys. If anyone has a spare account to play on or a key, let me know please actually what I need now is a regular d2 classic cdkey. I found my expansion one but apparently both of us need unique regular and expansion to play together.
  7. I should be admin from the amount of years I've been here.
  8. need med hold my Items

    I heard that they can still cancel paypal even as gift.
  9. You need more mediators in the DBAY

    I agree, adding more mediators will help the quality and the speed of cash trades.
  10. so...what do you want for the new dTrades?

    is tenjuna still running dtrades or has someone else?
  11. so...what do you want for the new dTrades?

    A game we can play on the site!
  12. NBA Finals

    I find it strange that lebron played no defense in the last few possessions.
  13. Doing Sc2 Games for FG Wagers

    I'll play. I'm in 1v1 silver though. my username is joyjin.
  14. so...what do you want for the new dTrades?

    Hey, I remember using this site when it was full of people. First let me say that I know making changes is very hard I know nothing about webpages or servers or computers. But I personally think the site went downhill (in terms of traffic) when updates stopped coming. Don't take anything the wrong way, but by updates I mean you didn't update the site enough. I remember you would post a thread up every once in a while like (blank changes coming) and they would never come, or they would come many months late, or the change did nothing to help (such as changing the format of the site). The biggest update you made since dtrades was to make it turn into the layout of this site, which isn't useful. Again, I know your life is busy and there are time/money constraints, and it's hard work to make updates. I think you should just make the site about d3, and when there is enough traffic on the site, expand it to starcraft II, and other popular games.
  15. Free FG

    I'll take it, thanks.